Weekly Challenge – Sept. 3

I made some progress, but this project was way bigger than I thought.

I’ve turned it into my Quilter’s Accountability project for September. Maybe a whole month will give me time to get my wayward scraps whipped into shape. And someday maybe I’ll stop being boring, too . . . yeah, right.

Here’s how the basket looks after 2 weeks, but this doesn’t show the large pieces I also sorted out of a pile and put away.

Confession: I have too much fabric (don’t tell My Cowboy).

With that off my chest, I’m now free to pick a new Weekly Challenge. And I’m ready to finish something. I mean (and don’t faint from shock) completely finish something.

And this is the something I’ve chosen:

The top is finished. I know what I’m using on the back. I have the binding fabric ready. It’s small, and I even know how I want to quilt it. No variables left unknown; therefore, no excuses as to why I can’t finish it. Besides, QQB meets next week, and I’d like to have it finished so I can show it at our meeting.

And speaking of QQB, I said I’d have my Patriotic Challenge quilt done, and I don’t yet, so that’s another thing I may try to work on. No promises . . .

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  1. I have faith in you, Shelley! I know you can get it done! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. I know how you feel about thinking that what you are working on seems boring, but it’s not. It inspires me to do some of the same. I know I have more to clean up and more projects that are in progress that I need to work on. And so many of them seem like that they should be done so quickly, but life gets in the way. Progress, progress, progress! You will do it!

  3. Good plan! I like it. My package arrived today! Thank you so much! You package it so cutely. I am going to blog about it next week! I’ll try to give you a great plug. I just love it.

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