Meet ‘n’ Greet

My Cowboy brought home another new horse yesterday.It was a nice day, but the trailer ride must have gotten a little warm, cuz the girl looks just a bit disheveled after her trip!

This time, we didn’t invite the resident crew in on the fun.

We just turned her out with Yeller. He’s pretty laid back.

He espies her . . .. . . then comes to say hi.They’re in the same paddock,  yet they had to meet through the fence . . . I’m sure they’ve figured that out by now.

My Cowboy says he doesn’t know what her name is. I wanna call her Chessie, but I’m sure he’ll get to pick. I’ll have to let you know who wins!

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  1. Oh a new friend!!! One day we hope to add a horse to our crew…until then we made do by visiting the horses down the road and saying hi when they walk through our driveway.

  2. She has a butt that reminds me of Cosmo, my husband’s former horse. I comment on it, because we always used to say what a powerful butt Cosmo had. Your lady looks good and strong in the back end. That’s good! I always think it’s funny how mares actually look like girls. She sure looks like a lady!

  3. What beautiful horses! We feed a horse here carrots and apples every day. I wanted to ask you…How much grass does a horse need to eat a day? He is now in a field that doesn’t seem to have that much grass at all now, as Coco has eaten a lot of it.

  4. What a nice looking mare! She looks like she will fit right in.

    One of these days I am going to have to post some of pictures of me and my horses….just to show you I have ridden before! LOL


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