I Don’t Know About Them . . .

. . . but I sure had fun at QQB last night!

There were lots of belly laughs.

There was lots of good food.

There was entertainment:

And lots of show and tell . . .

First up was Katy. She showed her Welcome Banner. She made this from a pattern of mine. I designed it to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Prairie Moon Quilts. All Cowgirl Club members get this pattern free when they join. Or you can buy just the pattern here: Welcome.Then she showed her QQB Pinwheel Challenge quilt top. Funny, she and I had almost the same idea, but I’m a little miffed because I like hers better than mine.Her next display was of a quilt she designed her very ownself. If you’ve ever watched the movie, “Bridges of Madison County”, and paid any attention at all to the kitchen floor in Francesca’s house, then you’ll know where she got the idea. She named it, appropriately enough, “Francesca’s Kitchen Floor”:She also showed several works in progress, that I’ll show you later when they’re finished, but I do feel the need to show you this one in its unfinished state, simply because I can appreciate all the work that has gone into it thus far, and it deserves to be noted. This is a portion of a quilt that Katy is making called “Duck Island Basket”. I can’t remember what book the pattern is from, but it’s quite an undertaking with that circular center. Next up, we have Rose Marie. She showed us her Lady Liberty quilt, which was her entry into the guild’s patriotic challenge. You know, that challenge I was co-chair of and didn’t get my own entry done for? — yeah, that one . . . Then she showed us the Christmas Quilt she made for her grandson, Charles. I believe you have seen this one before as an unquilted top, but now it’s finished. Rose Marie is now working on the last of the 8 quilts she wants to have finished to give to her family members at Thanksgiving, so that each of them will have a Christmas quilt to display during the holidays. What an accomplishment!Then Marge showed us her latest table runner. When we last met at Rose Marie’s house for QQB in August, Rose Marie gave each of us a pre-cut kit for a table runner. She found the pattern on Moda Bake Shop. It’s called “Skinny Verna” and is a design by Vickie Eapen of Spun Sugar Quilts. You can get the pattern for yourself right here: Skinny Verna.Next, I got in trouble for asking Marge if that was all she had for show and tell. She almost smacked me! Honest, I was only asking so I would know if it was my turn or not!

Because for once, I actually had something to show. I showed them my latest mini-kit, in all its cuteness. It’s the one you’ve seen here: Cowboy Blessing. Marge bought it from me on the spot. Think she was only trying to make up for wanting to smack me?And . . . I showed Connor’s Cowboy Quilt. Yes, I finally have it finished, and will be giving it to him next week. I’m only giving a sneak peek here, tho, because . . . I’m working on a girl version of the same quilt, and will be offering them both as a pattern soon . . . so keep your eyes peeled. You know it will involve a give-away!Then, while we dined on Strawberry Shortcake, Katy showed us a few other pieces we all drooled over. This is her Women of Influence quilt I’ve shown you before, but it just needs to be seen again. This one is called Perfect Garden, and is a design by Terry Clothier Thompson, and I can’t remember what book it’s out of, either, even though Katy showed us the book.How’s that for a show and tell? I’m tired now just writing about all of it. I put 9 items to finish on my list for the next QQB. I’m back to being over-ambitious again. I just can’t help myself. Last month, I put one item on that list, and didn’t even finish it. I’m not sure what has possessed me to think that this month I can now suddenly do NINE! But we’ll see . . . the next meeting is scheduled for October 5, so that doesn’t even give me a whole 30 days.

Oh, and before I go, in my usual nerd style, I just have to leave you with some notable quotes that came from the evening:

“I need an idea.”

“You are your mother’s son.”

“Let’s not get pushy now.”

“Here he comes to wreck the day!”

“I don’t want any now. I’m mad.”

“I would have used the word ‘inebriated’.”

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I loved receiving that Welcome pattern with my Cowgirl Club membership. I would like to make it, too. I was thinking it would be cute in our foyer or down on the door of the guest room (which, as you know, is cowboy themed). Catch you later. Have a great weekend!

  2. I can’t believe how much you all accomplish!!
    We missed you at QTUW.

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