If you suffer from it, DO NOT READ THIS POST!

But it’s just that time of year . . .

. . . and I feel compelled to let others in on my suffering.

We live out in the country.

That means lots of critters. Some you love, and some you don’t.

The other morning, I went out to the shed, stuck my hand down in the dog food barrel, and petted a possum right on the head.

Lucky for me, a possum’s reaction is to recoil and freeze instead of bite. I also did the “recoil and freeze” thing.

When my vision and breathing returned, I slowly backed out of that shed, and haven’t been back since. I bought a new bag of dog food and now keep it in the feed room in the barn!

At some point, however, I’m probably going to want something out of the deep freeze that’s in that shed, so I may have to cowgirl up . . . or maybe I’ll just summon help.

Meanwhile, there’s another kind of war going on inside the shack.

A spider invasion . . .The above example is an average specimen. That’s a 4-inch board he’s plastered himself across. Some are bigger, some are smaller.

This invasion happens every year, but that doesn’t mean I like it any better in one year than another.

My brother-in-law is scared of snakes. I love to hear him say: “I’m not afraid they’ll hurt me — I’m afraid they’ll make me hurt myself!” My sister says that’s how she feels about spiders, and I’m beginning to be the same way.

I’m not scared of them if I see them first . . . it’s when I get surprised by one of the woolly behemoths that I’m likely to hurt myself. And the problem in the shack right now is that they’re everywhere.

At any given moment, I can look around and spot one somewhere. I kill several in a day. You can almost hear them galloping across the floor.

You don’t dare lean against the wall, reach for a light switch, or sit down on something without doing a spider inspection first.

You don’t pick up a towel, put on a piece of clothing, or get in the bed without doing a spider inspection first.

You don’t go barefoot, and you look inside your shoes before you put them on — every time.

You remain armed with a spider-killing weapon or a can of spider spray at the ready every moment.

This happens every year in our shack. I wrote about it last year here: Spider Repellent.

I put out hedgeapples last year, and afterwards, I only saw 3 spiders total in our shack, and those 3 were in areas that I did not place a hedgeapple. I’m getting some more hedgeapples as soon as I can find some!

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  1. You know what’s fun to do to spiders? Hair spray. I’m not talking the new kinds that are flexible hold. I’m talking the “you could stand your hair straight up, spray it, and it won’t move all day” really bad for the environment. Spray the spider, it’ll stiffen up, and you can vacuum it up with a hand-vac (or you can just vacuum…it works well too) or whatever way you prefer to dispose of the critters. The hair spray, when hardened, will freeze them so they can’t move. I wonder if a hair-sprayed spider would light on fire like hair spray does if you spray it from the can?

  2. I wield the vacuum like a weapon. Turn up the TV and don’t think about it. Even with all that I still wake up with a stray spider bite here or there. It makes me nuts! I need plastic walls and floors and furniture – then I could just hose down EVERYTHING!

  3. LOL! I’m with your brother – snakes – UGH! But I think I’m getting better. I actually felt badly the other day for running over a Bull Snake. That’s a good snake, but I didn’t look long enough to distinguish it from a Rattler. Give me a spider any day!

  4. I’ll take the spiders over the possum any day. Or the mice.

  5. Yuck. We have the same problem with spideys, but thankfully ours are smaller. My husband is notorious for spider checks!

  6. oh good grief! Are those wolf spiders? B hates spiders, I took her to the local nature center to find out what kind of spider we had out at our house on long island, and what I thought would be a harmless informative trip, turned out the oppostie! we have have WOLF SPIDERS(the fuzzy ones) and BLACK WIDOWS!!! good grief… the informative trip did not help matters… we have oppossum too. ugly ugly things…

  7. I’ll ship you loads of hedgeapples….how many do you want? Will one semi do or do you need two?

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