My Latest List

1) Lately, it seems all I’ve been posting about is what I DON’T get done.

2) The new horse’s name is Ruby. Her nickname will remain Sweet Cheeks. Chessie didn’t even make the list at all.

3) Two Socks’ real name is Wally. We talked to their previous owners and thought to ask what their names were . . .

4) Today’s murdered spider count: 5, and the day is young yet.

5) I suppose I should clean up the dead-spider carnage in the utility room before the washing machine repairman shows up next week, just in case he’s more squeamish than I imagine.

6) I want to start a new quilt. This always happens to me when I’m seriously too busy to do so. It needs to wait.

7) I seriously want to make this: Grandma’s Macaroni and Cheese

8 ) And eat the entire pan of it all by myself.

9) Our guild is doing a Crayon Challenge. I wanted to draw out a color with an interesting name, such as “Tropical Rain Forest” or “Sunset Orange”.

(10) I got “Blue” . . .

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  1. I’m thinking that Roby Sweet Cheeks and Wally Two Socks sound like authentic Indian names. LOL. As for your ‘blue’ challenge: since your color is generic, can’t you take what we quilters like to call “creative license” and expand on blue? Add cerulean, ocean, sky,blue jean, turquoise, royal, cobalt, indigo, cyan, sky, baby, wedgewood, robin’s egg, caribbean, azure…you know, kind of like your blue had ADHD.

  2. Blue Bayou. That’s more inspiring, right?! You gotta make that mac and cheese and tell me what you think. It’s soooo good! 🙂 Thanks for the link. Love your post. You are a riot! And you get plenty done! I want to start a bunch of new quilts right now, too, because I’m too over-the-top busy to do anything! 🙂

  3. Blue Suede Shoes. Bonnie Blue (from Gone with the Wind). Blueberries. Want me to go on? 🙂

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