Stash Report #30

I haven’t done a Stash Report in over a month! Seems that once I got myself back in the black, I decided to just take it easy . . .

For a while, nothing exciting happened, but I have been keeping track, and decided maybe I’d better check in and make a stash confession, so here goes:

Used since my last report: 5.5 yd

Used year to date: 207.37 yds

Added since my last report: 14.58 yds

Added year to date: 211.67 yds

Net used in 2010: -4.3 yds

Yes indeed, I’ve had a backslide, although not too serious at this point. Part of what got added was fabric I had taken out before and then not used, so I put it back. It’s not like I went on a buying spree or anything. And it seems as if I haven’t even been doing anything — only 5.5 yards in over a month? What’s that all about? And . . . do you realize how close we are to the end of the year? When you put it that way, I’m not doing so well . . .

You can go check out what others are doing over at JudyL’s.

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  1. Now, now. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re finishing up a ton of things that have been counted previously. There will be a huge surge in your yardage used as soon as you start something new or grab something for a backing and I’m thinking you’ve accomplished a lot when you look at the fact that you’ve used over 200 yards so far this year! That’s the only number I want to keep track of next year.

  2. On the contrary, you have made use of over 200 yards of fabric! That is fantastic. Keep it up! One must replenish the stash to make sure you have enough for future projects, right?

  3. any time you’re close to breaking even–you’re a winner!

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