Tidbits From My Life

1) Gidget chewed up my headset cord.

2) How can something this cute . . . . . . grow up and wreak such havoc? Don’t answer that . . .

3) I buy iced tea at McDonald’s sometimes. I mix it half and half unsweet with sweet. If you don’t stir it up, they won’t mix together in the cup. Odd . . .

4) I overheard a guy in the booth next to me telling his wife how he put sweet tea with unsweet tea and they didn’t mix together in his cup. Hmmm . . .

5) I am not an eavesdropper . . . usually.

6) I am also not skilled with power tools. Just so you know . . .

7) My left forearm has a swollen spot on it the size of a goose egg — from a mosquito bite! (Not from my mis-use of power tools.)

8 ) I ate supper at a place called RonDaVoo Friday night. It was a pizza and fried chicken buffet . . . quite the combination, huh? But very good, just the same.

9) We slept in our horse trailer last night . . . just because. Does that count as camping, if it’s in your own yard?

10) I think I’d like to try it again tonight. It’s such perfect weather for it.

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  1. Yes, it still counts as camping. My husband and daughter camped out in the back yard this past weekend. Too fun. I don’t blame you for wanting to sleep outside!

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