QA Report #34

I’ve thunk it before, but now I’m almost 100% positive that my scraps are breeding in their baskets and bins.

How else can I cut and cut and the baskets are still full? I KNOW I’m making progress, but the baskets do not show it, not one bit!

Look at this:Still overflowing . . .

And this:Overflowing, too.

And then there are still 2 big bags that I haven’t touched. Pretend I didn’t say that.

Here’s the results of one of my 15-minute cutting sessions. I try to get to this at least once a day, but sometimes it’s more like once a week. I cut for 15 minutes, then put away what I’ve cut. After I’ve put them away, there is no evidence whatsoever that I even did anything! And there are only a few days left in this month.

I hope all the other folks over at Bari’s aren’t suffering from a whine-fest like I am . . .

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  1. Hey, you’re making a lot more progress on your cutting than I have made on mine! It’s a process and you’re moving it along!

    The beginning of your post reminded me of a Dr. Seuss story. “I know I’m making progress, but my baskets don’t show it, not one bit…” 🙂

  2. I agree! Those scraps DO multiply while they’re quietly lurking in their baskets!

  3. Hey, Shelly, let me know if you figure out how to keep them from breeding….I have the same problem! That’s it, you could make a fortune, quit work, and live a life of leisure when you do.

    Keep after it! You do so much quilting that I am sure you add more to the scrap pile than you take out. Have you tried not adding any more to it? Like trimming all your scraps as you make them? Then the 15 minute sessions would make more of a dent. At least this is the way my scrap system was supposed to work. Mind you it doesn’t, I’m just saying.


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