OK . . . OK . . .

Karin, you are sooo funny!

Don’t get your chinks all in a twist!

I’m a day late — aren’t I always?

But it’s finally here . . .

I’d like to introduce to you . . .

. . . the 2010 Prairie Moon Ranch Cowboy Christmas Stocking,

“Prairie Paisley”It’s got a little bit of embroidery, a little bit of applique, and a whole lot of personality! (And it’s beige on top, not pink!) It’ll work for either a cowboy or a cowgirl, and just like the others, it’s not real hard to make. You’ll have plenty of time to whip one up for each of your own ranch hands.

You can buy the pattern here: Prairie Paisley.

I’ll have kits listed later this week, so if you want a kit so you can make one exactly like the sample, be sure to check back soon . . . they go fast.

Meanwhile, I’m having a give-away, so you can also take your chances right here right now on winning one.

I’m giving away a pattern to each of two winners, and one lucky winner will win a kit. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and tell me who you’d like to make your stocking for (even if it’s for yourself!). I’ll draw the winner on Friday from all the comments received before 10 am CST that day.

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  1. Hmmm. Its a toss up. I may have to make two. One for my Aunt who is always out country dancing (in Orange County, CA) and probably one for my mom who is a closet country fan. So cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! OK – that was worth waiting for!! That is just too cute! You could sell a million of those at the WRCA in Amarillo in November! I don’t need a million, but I DO need that pattern. Who would I make it for? Just about everyone on my list…my husband…of course..and my kids…and the 3 little tikes that live over at North Camp…and their Mama and Dadddy…and the friends that live up on the Caprock…and, and, AND! Friday will NEVER get here fast enough!

  3. That is too cute! I love it, Shelly! You are so clever. Pick me for the kit! Or else I’ll just have to buy one. I’ll blog this, but I’m telling Kathy she can’t enter this time. ha ha! Way to go!


  4. I’m from NYS and we don’t have REAL cowboys here, but I just love that stocking. How clever of you. Would love to win.

  5. Great pattern! I would make it for everyone in my family.

  6. That boot is adorable! I’d make three – one for each of the neighbor children who are little cowgirls and boys!

  7. That is great! Someday I’m going to make real stockings and stop the mad last minute dashes for new ones every year from the dollar tree.

  8. Wow this looks so great! I have a niece and a nephew who are cowboy crazy 😉 They live in Alabama on a farm and have always loved horses.

  9. A very cute pattern, if we can use the word cute for a macho boot!

  10. Hmmm…I’m seeing bunting! Or framed individually. Those are the cutest ever! Please sign me up for the giveaway!

  11. This is just too cute!! The question is who wouldn’t I make if for. I think I could take care of most of my christmas list with this one pattern. I would start with the secret name I drew for my quilt club Christmas party, then make one for two neighbors who I am always trying to come up with a new cowboy themed gift for every Christmas, then one for my daughter and her friend… you don’t really want me to list EVERYONE do you?

  12. Love it, Shelly! But you know me, anything cowboy, and I like it! Would love to win the pattern!! I would make one for me, of course! Maybe the rest of the family too. LOL

  13. I’d like to purchase these patterns but I’m not interested in setting up my info with Etsy. Just want to make this purchase. How can I do that? Thanks

  14. What a beauty! I will make a stocking for everyone! But I think I will start with my friend’s two little cowgirls. I think I will surprise them with the basic stocking for Christmas, and help them decorate the boot themselves. They will love it! I’m already picking out fabrics and I think I will make personalized boots for everyone!

  15. Is this pattern still available? I am making some stockings for a family that is homeless (just lost their home this week) – mother with 3 children. Thought the youngest boy who is age 6 would love this! But I don’t see where to order it. Just need the pattern as will use some fabrics and such I have around here. Am also going to make one like a tennis shoe for a teenage boy and one like a bare foot and calf with painted toenails and an ankle bracelet for their pre-teen daughter.

  16. I love this and want to make one for my son-in-law.

  17. What a nice stylish Cowboy boot, got to have one

  18. this would be perfect for our employee Christmas party.Our theme is Rhinestone Cowboy Country Christmas.Might be kind of a challenge to make 140 of these

  19. I’ve been wanting to replace my entire families’ stockings with ‘cowboy boot stockings’ for years. Just never took the time to design one. If I’m the lucky winner, I’ll make new stockings for everyone in my family.

  20. I would make this stocking for my new step-granddaughter who is a real country girl. She loves boots and would love this gift for Christmas!

  21. What a wonderful stocking. Love to make it for my son-in-law

  22. Would love to win this pattern and seeing that 2 of my nieces and 2 daughters of mine are into boots! I would love to get my hands on this for this year’s stocking gifts. Thank you so much!!!!!

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