QA Report #35

Two days left this month, and my scraps have reproduced till there’s absolutely no hope of me getting them under control in that amount of time.

This past week, I dug through the small basket, which of course, “fluffed” them, and now, even though I removed several pieces, the basket looks fuller than it was, even though it’s actually emptier. So not only do they reproduce, but air makes them expand!

I’m going to keep chipping away at them for one more week anyway, and when next week’s report rolls around, I’ll be ready to announce what thing(s) I’ll tackle for October . . .

I’m participating in a Quilting Bee over at Victoria‘s “15 Minutes Play” blog, so I have been using up scraps. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve done with them so far. I’ll be posting over there a bit later about the whole process and showing what I did.For now, just go see what everyone else is doing over at Bari’s. And if you don’t hear from me next week, it might be because I’m buried under all those scraps!

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  1. That looks fun! Anything to use up those scraps, right? I look forward to seeing where you’ll go with this!

  2. Sometimes I wonder whether we need birth control for the scraps! I swear that they reproduce when my back is turned!

  3. My scraps do the same thing! I didn’t even attempt to do anything with them though I desperately need to.

    You always have so much going it amazes me you can keep up with it! LOL. You will appreciate this story. I was friends with a crusty old cowboy from Texas, John Hoyt. He was a typical cowboy, getting old, and originally from out in California in the heyday of the movies and westerns out there. Anyway, he once told me he caught himself halfway up on his horse, one leg in the stirrup, and couldn’t remember if he was getting on or getting off. Said he felt the horse’s neck and it wasn’t hot so he got on and rode it. That kind of reminds me of how I would be if I tried to keep up with your schedule!


  4. Keep the faith. I don’t think anyone has discovered birth control for scraps yet…and I doubt they ever will, lol.

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