Sale Day

Today is a sale day.

Actually, there’s a sale on just about any day, but today is the one the guys wanted to take their cows to.

So last night, we worked cattle. Well . . . I mean last night, THEY worked cattle. My Cowboy, my sister, and her husband, Denny. I watched and took pictures. I wasn’t much help. In fact, the cat was more help than I was. Our brother wasn’t much help, either, but he has a bad hip, so we don’t let him do a whole lot, especially when it involves running on rough ground!

My sister doesn’t mess around. She grabbed her whip and ran the whole bunch into the barn’s alleyway. Then she made the guys get in there with them, and she told them which ones she wanted to keep and which were to get loaded for the sale. I’m not 100%  sure she didn’t use the whip on the guys occasionally, if things didn’t go her way. Once the sorting was finished, the cows who were staying got turned back out into the lot. They’re a mite confused. “What was all that about? . . . Do you know what’s going on? . . . I don’t know what’s going on . . . I thought we were gonna get something to eat, didn’t you?”The ones who hung back before this bunch was run in to be sorted, are watching with concern. “What have you done with our children?” Fancy wants to know what has been done with her child, too.But the gate swings open, and everyone is reunited (except for the ones who are sale-bound), and off they go, back out to big pasture, just as the sun is setting. They let my brother guide the littlest heifer back to the herd. I guess they figured those two couldn’t do each other much damage!Then we cooked some steaks and ate them.And this morning, the captured cows got loaded up and taken to the sale.

The End.

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  1. Great photos. Sounds like fun. Working with cows can be sorta fun…sometimes.

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