PC Update – October 5

I did it!

I get to add $20 to my savings pot.

I got this quilt finished.But not without some trials . . .

See the border on the finished quilt?

See the border on the finished top here?See the backing I’m using at the top of this picture?Yeah. Things did not go well.

That backing came from a pile of backings I had already sorted out (but not marked) for quilts I’m ready (or almost ready) to quilt. For some reason, I was certain that this backing was for this quilt, but since I didn’t mark them, there was no alert to warn my feeble brain that it really wasn’t. So I used it for this quilt.

When I got ready to load the top onto the frame with the backing, it didn’t fit. What?! Then it hit me. That backing was for another quilt! It’s not big enough for this quilt. But that means I’d have to unload the entire thing and piece more fabric onto the backing and basically start over loading it. Stuff like that irks me no end, and usually stops me dead in my tracks as far as forward progress. Hard telling when I’d ever finish that quilt if I had to do that.

So, I did what any self-respecting procrastinator would do to keep from procrastinating any further. I whacked off the edges of the quilt until it fit that backing!

Successfully loaded, (the quilt — not me — although by this time I wanted to be) I then had to decide how to quilt it. I had already been thinking on this subject, but had come to no good conclusions yet. I had intended to do something custom to emphasize the spools, but my imagination was apparently broken after the border-chopping incident.

So again, I succumbed to the “just git-r-dun” method, and picked an all-over leaves and acorns panto that I like. And I got the binding and label on last night. And this quilt actually still came out OK, and I still like it. Whew! And . . . it’s been tested and passed inspection and met with the approval of The Queen, so I guess it can stay.

This makes Finish #35 for me for this year. That means that I only have to finish approximately 20 things a month for the rest of this year to meet my goal of 100. No hill for a stepper, right?

I have time to spare now before the next Procrastination Challenge starts on October 15.

What are YOU procrastinating on?

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  1. Woo hoo! Fantastic! Way to go! That is a funny story. I thought I was the only one who did things like that. Thanks for making me feel less alone! I think it looks just great. I can’t believe you’ve finished 35 things this year! That is absolutely stellar! I might have finished about 3. Sheesh. You leave me in the dust!

  2. LOL! There’s a story worth telling in every quilt! Sounds like something I would do! I love the finished quilt (the Queen has excellent taste!)and 2 thumbs up for adding to your pot!

  3. Congratulations on finishing that quilt! It looks great, and you have a fantastic record of finished quilts for this year, even if you don’t finish another quilt before New Year’s Eve(but you will!). Thanks for posting it — I loved seeing it.

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