This Week

*  I was at our Amish friend’s house really early one morning, and his Standard-bred weanling was loose in the yard. She doesn’t go anywhere, just wanders around grazing, like a big (cute) dog.

* The other night, there was a disturbance outside around midnight, and Skeeter had to come inside while My Cowboy investigated. Big Dan and Gidget felt compelled to keep an eye on her so she wouldn’t get out of control.

* The disturbance was a skunk.

* When Big Dan has time on his paws, he has begun, since it IS getting close to Halloween, to audition costumes for this year. I’m not sure what message he’s trying to send with this one:

* If you’ve been with me long, you’ll remember he went as a case of Coke last year:

* And really got into the spirit by TP’ing the house, an incident I hope he’s outgrown, but fear he hasn’t.

* Three really weird locations that I’ve found spiders this week: 1) in the side pocket of my purse; 2) on a pile of quilt pieces I had cut out; and 3) INSIDE a tub of Clorox wipes.

* Oh, and there’s a fourth: My Cowboy handed me a book to read, and as I was reading it, a spider climbed up from the back of the book and over the top onto my page (which means I had been holding it for some time). I screamed and threw the book, which hit My Cowboy upside the head, spider and all. This entire episode was NOT a good scene at the ol’ ranch . . .

* I really need to locate some hedgeapples . . .

* Tomorrow, I’m going to the AQS Show in Des Moines. I’m prepared to be inspired!

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  1. Oh my girl. There has been a lot of excitement around your place lately.

  2. This was so funny. cat as a carton of coke… 😉
    dang those spiders! I don’t get creeped out by things, but if I had spiders around all the time I can see them start to bother me… Did you wipe the spider off your cowboy after you threw the book at him? Say hi. see ya two in a few weeks.

  3. Have fun at the Des Moines show! I have lots of hedge apples around my place! I can bring ya some.

  4. Have fun at the quilt show! Having grown up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I’m jealous! If I still lived there, I’d easily drive to Des Moines today and meet up with you! Sorry about the spideys. My friend here in Michigan said his mother, who lives in Idaho, got bitten by a spider (we think it was a Hobo or a Brown Recluse) and is having all sorts of terrible health problems right now. I am with you on getting the heebie jeebies from the spiders!

  5. Spooky! I would freak out if a spider climbed over the top of my book! Poor Skeeter! He looks…well, like a dog cornered by cats! Super cute pics, thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, how funny! Hope your cowboy is okay…LOL. You know, I really should pack up some hedgeapples and mail them to you. I know I have your address….wonder what postage would be and what the post office would have to say about shipping hedgeappes? At least it wouldn’t be across state lines!

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