Rockin’ M Jewelry

When I was at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival a few days ago, I happened to meet two of the most adorable cowgirls ever.

Cindy and Myrilla Markway (they even have cute names) are the artists behind Rockin’ M Jewelry, and I loved everything in their booth.Cindy (that’s her on the left in the picture) made me a fantastic deal on the necklace I fell in love with as I was shopping there. It wasn’t the only one I fell in love with, but it’s the one I ended up buying.They call their jewelry “the wearable art”, and it certainly is. Just look at the ones they’re wearing in their picture! They make all their jewelry and will do custom pieces for you as well. And never fear, it’s not all cowgirl bling — they have something for everyone, cowgirl or not, as you can tell by the one I purchased.

Even better, they host private jewelry parties, and you can have them bring all their bling to your house, invite all your closest friends over, eat, party, and shop to your heart’s content. And you don’t have to wait for it to arrive later — you can purchase it on the spot and have it in your hot little hands that very moment! And if you’re the hostess, you can earn free stuff — can it get any better than that?

I would say you could do some great Christmas shopping at one of these parties, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it hard to part with anything you buy. You’ll want to keep it all for yourself, and give other gifts instead, like socks.

They don’t yet have a web site, but if you’re interested in seeing what they have or booking a party, you can call them right up. Cindy: 573.496.2988 or Myrilla: 573.498.0165. They’ll be glad to talk to you and hook you up with some awesome handmade jewelry.

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  1. So pretty. I wish I could carry off big clunky jewelry. But, I am so sort, I feel like it overwhelms me, so I stick with little stuff (if any!).

  2. When I started purchasing jewelry from Rockin’ M Jewelry I have the whole back wall of my closet with pegs that I was going to put bracelet on top and necklace on bottom. I now have 3-5 on each peg. The pegs are only an inch apart and it is a walk in closet. Love their jewelry!

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