Cowgirl Up!

I’m so far behind . . .

I was late getting the Cowgirl Club packets mailed out this quarter. That’s the first time that’s ever happened!

I’m not 100% sure what the hold-up was, but I think it was because I procrastinated on writing the instructions for the quilt. All that was left was the borders. How hard can that be? Apparently, difficult enough that it made me late . . .

But it’s finished, the packets are in the mail, and my own quilt is finished, and I can count it as Finish #37 for myself for the year. Still a far cry from 100, huh?

There’s one major thing I don’t like about my version of this quilt, but I was, as usual, too lazy to change it. I wish I had chosen a different fabric for my letters at the bottom. The piece I used was a great piece of fabric, but when cut up like that, it was too busy and it “reads funny”.

Please learn from my mistake.

I should have ripped it off and redone it with something else, but I just plain didn’t want to. I’m planning to hang the quilt on a quilt hanger in my living room. My living room is tiny, so you’ll never be too far away from the quilt no matter where in the room you go, so it’ll be readable no matter what. See how my reasoning works? Yeah . . .

Please don’t subscribe to my sense of logic, either.

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  1. How wonderful is that?! I actually like the “Cowgirl Up” because if it were solid, it might overpower the rest of the quilt. I love the barbed wire on the outside border too – how did you do that? Is it embroidery? Very cool!

  2. Yeah! 37 is a lot!!! I am just like you…I can never get the motivation to rip things off and change them!

  3. Can we buy the pattern for the “Cowgirl Up” by Shelly Pagliai, quilt?

    • can we buy the pattern? what is the finished size of this quilt?

  4. what is the finished size of this quilt? Can we buy the pattern?

  5. How do I order this pattern?

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