Today my guild held a Quilt Til You Wilt day. Our goal for this day was to work on a charity project organized by one of our newest members — Quilts for Vets.

Renae and her mother, Ellen, and her sister-in-law, Karen, and their neighbor, Susan, who are all members of our guild, are working together on this project and brought the guild in to help them. They make kits containing pre-cut fabric squares from donated fabric, and members sew them together into lap-sized quilts. Susan provides the batting at a discount, and Karen quilts them on her longarm machine. Renae then schedules visits to area veterans to distribute the quilts.

There were an average of 23 quilters in attendance working today. We had the room set up like a sweat shop factory. The stash was in piles . . .There was a pressing station, where it was ironed, and then it went to the cutting station. Renae and Barb, bless their hearts (and feet . . . and backs) rotary cut ALL day long!The cut pieces went into big piles. Some members pulled from the piles the pieces they wanted and went to stitching right away. Other members, such as Elsie, pictured here, worked on the stack itself, matching unchosen squares up into kits that members can take home to work on even after today. (That’s Peggy behind her at the ironing station, just working away.)A few members had some finished tops they brought in from kits they’d picked up earlier. Here’s Sandy with a couple . . . . . . she’s a horse person, too, can you tell?. . . and Rose Marie with one she’d made. Others brought some kits they’d made beforehand as well. There was no shortage of squares to choose from and stay busy with. We all used the floor as our design wall.The building we were in belongs to the City, and the city officials allow us to use it free of charge for our Community Service work, and it is a fabulous facility. (Ironically, the building used to house a quilt shop.) There is lots of room, new large bathrooms, and a kitchen. The tables and chairs are already there, and there are plenty of electrical outlets, although I shudder to think what their electric bill was for a day like this with all those sewing machines and irons going ALL day long!

When tops were finished, they were taken to the “batting and backing room”, where batting was cut to size, and they were matched up with a backing that fit, so they’re ready to quilt when Karen takes them home. The National Guard sent food for us, and members brought in food as well. We had more food than that little kitchen could hold.We were even on TV on the local news, but I didn’t get to see it, since I don’t have TV at the ranch.We, as a group, finished approximately 42 quilt tops today. Members took home another 15-16 partially finished to complete and bring back later. There were an untold number of kits assembled for members to pick up and work on later. Here’s a sampling of some of the ones we made today.

Made by Marsha . . .Made by Kay . . . Made by Alice . . .Made by SusanC . . .Made by SusanG . . .Another one by Kay . . .Another one by Marsha . . .Made by Marilyn and Mikayla . . .We also had a couple of regular pieces of Show & Tell. Kay made a quilt from various monkey fabrics for her new great-grandson. I love the print with the bananas on it. It’s quilted with a monkey motif, too, (by Marsha) and it is cute.Mikayla, our youngest attendee, who helped her grandmother, Marilyn, make quilt tops all day, also brought along her 4-H project quilt to show us. She took a first-prize ribbon with her quilt at the County Fair this summer. I love seeing young people take up quilting!I think it was a good day. I personally was able to complete 4 quilt tops, and I found myself wondering: Why am I never quite that productive at home?

But I sure am wilted tonight.

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  1. I was in 4-H the first year they offered the quilting project! That’s why I am a quilter now! I’m glad that 4-H offered the project, because it exposes crafty people who might never find an outlet a way to share their creativity with the world!

  2. WOW! I’m wilted just thinking about all ya’ll accomplished! So nice to think of all the veterans who will be blessed by the work of your hands! Hope you’ll take a day to recuperate, but probably not, huh?

  3. What a great project. I’m sure that all involved in the project, including organizers, quilters, and recipients, have a good, warm feeling inside!

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