Stash Report #34

It just keeps getting worse . . .

Am I hopeless?

Some of this is just me being plain honest. As I clean up after a project, I put back the unused fabric, and I count it as added back in. My report is supposed to help me, and it won’t if all I do is lie to myself, so I try to be as honest in reporting as I can.

In keeping with the “honest” theme, I must then also confess that I did buy more fabric. Something is wrong with me, and I just can’t help myself. But really . . . I ask you . . . if YOU worked at a quilt shop, would YOU be able to NOT buy something while you were there?

Used last week: 6 yd

Used year to date: 226.16 yds

Added last week: 16.29 yds

Added year to date: 288.34 yds

Net used in 2010: -62.18 yds

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it really is my goal to finish the year in the black. At the rate I’m going, I’d better step things up a bit . . . I’ll see if I can take a step in the right direction this week.

Meanwhile, go see what others are doing over at JudyL’s. I always have to admire those who are in the negative numbers and seem to be plain proud of it! I think that may just be the way to go . . .

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  1. When I worked at a quilt shop (part time, odd hours when they needed help) I did put all of the wages back into fabric. It was fun and a needed break from my other job!


  2. Yup. You’re hopeless. That’s why we love ya! If I worked in a quilt store, I would be completely broke and have soooo much fabric! (Let me rephrase that…I would have soooo much more fabric than I already have!)

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