QA Report #38

I didn’t report last week. I had nothing to say. No progress had been made, there just wasn’t anything to tell at all. Oh, the shame!

Truth is, I’m not much better off this week.

There has been some progress, but nothing photo worthy.

The pinwheel quilt has its backing and batting ready and is waiting to be squeezed into the longarm schedule.

The table runner has its backing and batting ready and is waiting to be squeezed into the longarm schedule.

The Patriotic Challenge is over half set together, then it will get its backing and batting ready and take its place waiting to be squeezed into the longarm schedule.

Do you see my problem here?

My longarm schedule . . .

I’m so busy quilting quilts for other people that I don’t have time to do my own, even when they’re small! But that is actually a good thing, so I can’t complain.

Maybe I should start putting customer’s quilts on my list like Bari does. Then it would look like I was actually accomplishing something. In fact, if I could count customer quilts as my own UFOs, I’d have already way surpassed my goal of getting 100 things done this year. Instead, I’m stuck at 37 . . .

I’m giving myself one more week to finish these three, and I’ll be back next week with a report on those, and be picking a new list of things to work on for November. Go check on everyone else over at Bari’s.

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  1. I would think that would be a problem when you’re a LA quilter for other people…you’d never get your own projects done.

  2. Well good gravy! Of course you should count the quilting you do for other people! Of course, then I would feel like even more of a slacker than I already do, but that’s ok. I’m used to being left in the dust – kind of like riding drag when moving cattle. If you really fess up to everything you do each week, I think you’d be quite surprised.

  3. Maybe you need to get another longarm machine. 🙂

  4. Quilting for other people? Definitely a valid and accountable accomplishment! It’s time used and time that takes away from your own projects.

    Pat yourself on the back and schedule time for your own projects between the customer quilts (actually put it on your “work” schedule and then book new customer work accordingly). Remember you are making money doing what you love and that’s more than most folks can say!

  5. I definitely thing your quilts for other people should count. That’s a big job! Plus, you’re making money, right?! To buy more fabric! I think you need to have me come over so you can teach me how to quilt on your longarm. I’ll help you, we’ll make so much money that I can buy my own longarm, then you can send me your quilts, and I’ll quilt the for you for free. Ha! I like that plan!

  6. Quilting for others does make it hard to fit your own quilts in. I schedule one of mine in once in a while.
    Having said that I have at least 10 of my tops waiting.
    I can find a few minuets here and there for piecing on something just not enough time for quilting them.

  7. Of course you should count those customer quilts in your stuff do get done! It is work you are doing and have to get done….yes, I am finding it definitely takes time away from your own projects too!

    You still always amaze me at what all you accomplish. When I grow up I want to have your energy…..

    Keep it up!


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