Stash Report #36

Ladies and Gentlemen . . .

There’s not much time left to pull the fat out of the fire before the end of the year.

Do NOT use me as a good example of how this is done. But you could refer folks to me so that they can get a good idea of what NOT to do . . .

Used last week: 0 yd

(That’s a big fat ZERO, in case you missed it . . . just checkin’)

Used year to date: 226.78 yds

Added last week: 12.015 yds

Added year to date: 313.475 yds

Net used in 2010: -86.695 yds

The hole just gets deeper . . .

For better examples, go visit JudyL.

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  1. I just returned form Amarillo and left loyt of empty space at 2 quilt shops. I am not even going to attempt to add up how many yards I came home with. It would be a scary number! However, I did use 15 of those yards for backs today!

  2. Your guilty confession every week makes me laugh!

  3. Ah, I think there are several in blogland who are going about this in the wrong manner and I am one of those. But at least because we keep track we know that we are backtracking. One day we will go forward at warp speed, just you believe.

  4. Yeah, well going to festival will do that! No time to sew and all that great temptation and great stuff to choose from! Hey, I just had an idea…you could always just send me a bunch of your fabric and count it as depleting your stash! ha ha!

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