November Guild Meeting

It was guild meeting night last night — always an exciting evening for me. Do you get excited about your guild meetings? I’ve always said that if it stops being fun, I’ll just stop going, but it’s always fun, so I guess I’ll be a member for life!

My favorite part is always the Show & Tell. Our meeting room is set up in such a fashion that it makes getting good pictures difficult, so if you can ignore the backs of heads and backs of chairs and my inherently bad photography in all of these, I’ll take you through what we got to see last night.

We have some really prolific ladies in our guild! I quilt ALL the time, but they must have even more time than I do — I don’t know how they get so much done. Must. Learn. Their. Secrets . . .

SusanC has whipped out a Christmas quilt . . . well ahead of time (which would never happen to me):

I don’t think Kay ever leaves her sewing room. Poor Charlie (her husband) must just cart meals down to her so she can keep right on going. How else does she do this?

Here’s the first one she showed. Isn’t this a fantastic use of scraps? Each huge block is different. At least you’d never get bored. I don’t know where she got this pattern.

Then she showed an embroidery quilt she made for her grandson. I love the colors for a little boy, and I only wish you could see her embroidery up close. It’s unreal — looks like a machine did it!

And you can certainly tell that she likes to embroider, because here’s a Christmas Block-of-the-Month quilt she also embroidered and pieced.

And finally, she showed her Pinwheel quilt. This pattern is from an issue of Quilter’s Newsletter, but I’m not sure which issue, and I’m not sure what the pattern was named in the magazine.

And finally, that’s it from Kay . . . whew! Moving right along . . .

Kathy showed a quilt that I myself am especially proud of her for. It’s her Hazel Ilene quilt top, all finished! This is actually the first one I’ve seen all finished, other than my own.

Sandy showed a quilt she made from a kit she purchased from Keepsake Quilting.

Lori has her Patriotic Challenge finished . . .

. . . and had time to whip up a scrap quilt out of her 1930s stash.

Vera has made 7 or 8 quilt tops for the Quilts for Vets program, and she brought those to show. I’m showing you Vera because I think her little hat is just adorable. Vera is a former art teacher — can you tell?

Carol made baby quilts. One boy and one girl, then finished the one that was for a girl, once they found out the baby’s gender.

The other is still a top . . . but she’ll be almost ready when someone has a boy now!

Alice made this fish quilt for the baby of some friends of hers. You can’t see it in the picture, but the quilting is so cute — the fish look like they’re blowing bubbles!

And we had a guest speaker. Monica Foster came to show us her doilies.

She crochets all these doilies, and they are fantastic. Lots of them have beads, she uses all different types of threads, and her work is near perfection. The ones she showed us represent a year of her life making doily after doily. Some are ones she recreated from doilies in her mother’s collection.

If you’d like to see individual pictures of her work, go visit her Flickr page here: Creations By Monica. Most of the doilies pictured were in attendance last night, and just as with quilts, the photos can’t do them complete justice.

And that’s it for last night’s guild meeting. Don’t you feel like you were right there with me? Next month is our Christmas party . . .

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  1. What fun and what prolific quilters! Wow! The Hazel Ilene quilt is pretty…I hadn’t seen any of them finished. Isn’t it cool?

  2. Wow! That is so cool. Kay sure is prolific! I think that is so neat to see the Hazel Ilene quilt put together. That must have been really special for you! I love how it turned out! I love Lori’s 1930s scrap quilt. It is so peaceful and lovely. And I think I love Vera! She looks awesome! I want to learn to crochet doilies and lace edging so bad. I keep begging my SIL to teach me. She used to do it…she still crochets a lot, but she says that small stuff is so hard for her now with her hands and eyes. I’ll keep working on her. I just like to have stuff like that to do that is small and portable…you can do it in front of the TV, in the car, etc.

    I am a little jealous that you enjoy your guild so much. I am still not enjoying my guild here (see my post tomorrow about that). I really am trying. Like you, I just won’t go if it’s not fun. But I’m going to give it at least a year and one retreat to get to know some people better to see if I have more fun. If not, I guess I’ll just have to move to MO. 🙂 I am so happy you have a guild that you find so rewarding!

  3. And where is your show an tell? 😉 fun stuff! hugs!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the eye candy!

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