1) Why is a saddle so heavy? (Or . . . why am I such a wimp?)

2) Why are our barn cats such terrible mothers?

3) Why can’t I keep my desktop cleared off?

4) Why do we have to have winter?

5) Why do printers use up ink so fast?

6) Why isn’t it acceptable to drink eggnog with every meal all year long?

7) Why do I hate housecleaning so much?

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  1. #1. Get a barrelracing saddle, much better for us wimps.

    #4. Let’s not even get me started.

    #7. Because it’s annoying and it doesn’t last so why bother?

  2. #1. My husband always got on me if/when I couldn’t lift the saddle above my head to put it on the horse or on the saddle rack myself. Grrr….

    #4. To make us appreciate the other seasons so mch.

    #3 and #7. Because IT NEVER ENDS!!! IT’S ALWAYS PILING UP!

  3. I know you won’t like any of my suggestions/answers. you seldom do. Here is what I think.

    #1 Saddles obviously don’t weigh as much in the summer. Most riding should be done then.

    #2 Bad heredity. Some crazy Tom is messing up the gene pool. It’s not the mothers’ faults.

    #3 Bad heredity.

    #4 Well, bad heredity can’t be the answer here. The ancients believed that they messed with the Sun God. Works for me.

    #5 It is not that they use up lots of ink, it is that you push the print button too often.

    #6 You could develop an allergy to eggs and milk. Duh!

    #7 I think this one is bad heredity also.

    There haven’t I solved all the mysteries? Now back to surfing to the ends of the Internet. That is still not done and I’ve been trying since 1999, I think.

  4. Hummm…… these are profound questions, indeed. But I’m with ya on the last one 😉 I think it’s because it is a never ending job. Even after you’re done, it starts all over again 😦

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