Weekly Challenge – December 10

Well, I didn’t post last week because I was in Chicago. But that’s OK, because that gave me an extra week to get something done.

I’ve been working on Vivian’s Flowers. Mary gave me 40 flowers to do, and while I feel like I’ve been working pretty steady on them, I’m not even halfway done yet. That’s gonna have to change. I need to step it up!

All my sashing and cornerpost pieces are cut, just waiting for the blocks to be finished. I haven’t taken the time to sit and do handwork much lately, but I need to get crackin’.

I talked to Mary last week, and if you recall, the last time I mentioned Mary, she had a broken foot. Well, this time, the poor dear had even bigger bad news. She had suffered a stroke! She has recovered enough to be back at home, but with constant care from her family. That’s probably hard for her, because she is always the one that has taken care of others. Her speech was mostly back to normal, too, although it gets a bit fuzzy when she tires.

I’m really hoping to get the quilt done real soon for her, so I can take it to her so she can enjoy it for a long time to come. She wants to put it on her bed.

So while I’ll still be working on that as much as time allows, my Weekly Challenge for this week is:

To clear off the top of my desk.

Here’s the before shot. This is only about 6 weeks worth of mess. I did have it fairly clean not too long ago. Can’t turn my back on it for even a day, apparently. I don’t know how things pile up so bad. It seems as though while I’m quilting, paperwork is breeding on my desk, and while I’m doing paperwork, fabric and UFOs are breeding elsewhere in the studio. I can’t win!

As bad as the situation gets during the year, I do like to start off every new year with a clean slate, so December is always the time I start dreaming about having a clean desktop and a clean island top and being all organized. Usually dreaming about it is all I get done, but I’m at least willing to give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes . . .

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  1. You and me both. My desk is a mess, too (at work). I really need to clean it off. I don’t have one at home, because my husband uses it. I stay away from it. But, my sewing room needs a good cleaning. Maybe over break…

    By the way, I keep meaning to thank you. Your package arrived a couple of days ago with the goodies you sent me! Thanks so much! I’ll do a blog post this week. You are a real sweetie!

    Does my Cowgirl Club membership continue into the new year, or is it time to renew that? Thanks!

  2. I have to keep it all organized because we live in a cottage, but I think the larger the house, the harder it is.
    Good luck!

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