Weekly Challenge – December 17

Far from done, but a little progress. Very little . . .

I’m a pilemaker, what else can I say?

I showed you the before picture last week.

Here’s the after shot:

One week is obviously NOT enough time to conquer piles this massive.

And on that sad note, I’m done with Weekly Challenges until the end of the year. I’m busy thinking up a new game to occupy my not-so-free time in 2011.

Check back to see what I come up with . . .

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  1. I’m a pile maker too… way to many piles… 😉 hi to you and cowboy!

  2. The correct term is “visual organizer.” If you can see it, you know where it is and what needs to be done with it. I married a visual organizer. I am not one. Sometimes this causes conflict, but since I learned this lovely term, I don’t get upset so often.

  3. Looking good. I am a pile maker, too. I read a book on organizing and it said it’s okay to be a pile maker. You have to accept your organizational style for what it is. Instead of filing in file cabinets, you just have to have a way to organize your piles. So, I bought baskets on my desk to pile in. Certain baskets for certain stuff. It is sort of working. I just have to clean out the baskets now and then.

  4. My grandma and I used to laugh together. She kept her piles outside of her closets and drawers so that they would stay neat. I would shove my piles into the closets and drawers, then push them shut, so that my house was neat but my closets were not! My daughter Shannon can’t stand piles of any kind, so she gets rid of a lot of things quickly!

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