QA Report #43

I think I missed posting a report last week. I’m losing all track of time . . . losing my mind . . . losing ground . . . Is this year really almost over?

That doesn’t leave me much time to get a few more things done that I wanted to . . .

I’ve made a teeny bit of progress on my Quilter’s Accountability projects for December.

Here’s my island in its current state of mess — the left side:

And the right side (notice my bag of cough drops at the ready!):Yes, I know it’s bad, but trust me — it’s MUCH better than it was at the start. You can see countertop now! It’s getting better every day, and I’ve finished an entire project and the top of another in my efforts to clean it off, so I’m not just moving stuff around — I’m dealing with it as I go. That makes the job ever so much more difficult, you know . . .

And this pile of fabric is for the commission quilt, but that’s still as far as I’ve gotten. Have I mentioned I need it done by January? Guess what I’ll be doing over Christmas break?!

There’s still time for one more report this year. I could surprise you all! (Which would definitely surprise me, too!) Go check on the others over at Bari’s . . .

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  1. You can do it. You are amazing. I still just love the colors of those fabrics you chose. I know what you mean, I have some things on my list, and I just can’t seem to get going on them. And they are things I want to do. What’s up with that?!

  2. Hey progress is still progress. Hey the cutting mat is clear and that is what counts. Right? Every thing else is just decoration. LOL

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