2010 Final Countdown Task Two

So far you’re doing great!

Some of you have really outdone yourselves (and most certainly outdone me).

Ready for the next challenge?

Today’s task is:

Clear off a flat surface in your sewing area

I confessed not long ago to being a pilemaker. Deanna says I’m just a “visual organizer”, but visual organizing can seriously hamper productivity if you do it right, like I do!

Honestly, I don’t know how it happens. I start out with a clean area, and before you know it, piles! And not only do I make piles, but they grow and morph over time until they become large fixtures . . . in not-so-handy places. Do you do this, too?

If so, now’s our chance to get control of at least one flat work surface in our sewing areas, so we can start the new year off with a fresh clean place to work.

Now, you can simply move the piles elsewhere in order to have that clean surface, but wouldn’t you feel much better if you actually dealt with the piles as you were cleaning and put everything away in its rightful place (or made a place for it)? Sure you would!

I was going to wimp out and choose my mailing counter as my flat surface to clean, simply because it’s mostly clean right now and wouldn’t take much effort.

But in the interest of really having a fresh new start to 2011, I opted instead for the much tougher task of cleaning off my island. Now this is something I’ve been supposed to be working on all month for my Quilter’s Accountability Reports, and I had made a little progress, but had a couple backslides, too.

Today, I felt the urge to get really serious. I mean, 2011 is sooo close. I don’t have much time left! Here’s my before shot, taken yesterday:I’m completely embarrassed. What a disaster! And trust me, this is NOT staged for dramatic purposes. This is how I’ve been “working”. I know . . . you’re wondering how I even found my oldest UFO for yesterday’s post! I’m obviously not one of those people who works on only one thing at a time. I can identify pieces and parts of at least 10 different projects in this shot alone, and there’s more out of sight! What is wrong with me?

But . . . here’s what it looks like now:Yes, I had to really kick it into gear to get all this done in time to post, but it’s just the boot in the patoot I needed. And you have no idea what a breath of fresh air it is! (Well, you will if you, too, do this task.) Trust me, I did this same task a year or so ago, and it did NOT stay this way. Maybe I need to offer myself a mini-challenge on a more frequent basis to keep it under control? My plan is to never have more than 2 projects on top at a time, just like there is right now. If I resolve to completely clean it off like this once a month, think I can do it? I don’t know . . . time gets away from me.

So . . . your task for today is before you . . .

Some of you will find this very simple. Others of you, who might be like me, will be groaning as I was when I first started. But I’m proof it can be done. You just have to concentrate and use a little elbow grease . . .

C’mon! I showed you mine . . . now show me yours!

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  1. I did it! And, yes, I feel better and ready more. Here is my experience: http://weddingdressblue.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/i-am-back-and-counting/

    Thanks for a needed nudge!

  2. Hymmm, what do you have a camera in my work area so you know what needs to be done???? Well I was really tempted to just clean off the cutting table. I could have just shoved all that in the scrap bin and been done with it. But instead I have been meaning to clean off the top of the desk across from my big table that has yesterday’s challenged still being basted…….. Anyway, I have a real problem with printing off free patterns off the internet and then piling them on the desk. You get the idea. So I am sorting through the piles and making more piles (quilts, table runner, pin cushions, totes etc…) and putting them in the corresponding notebooks. Plus, I have tossed a few with the “What was I thinking, I’ll never make that” mentality.

  3. Well, since I HAD to try and find that PERFECT blue, to go with my on-going quilty project…. all HELL broke loose and by the time that I found it…. well, I’ve blogged about it and uploaded some pictures, as proof. *VBG*

    Found the perfect blue and my studio got straightened up, afterwards… thanks to your wonderful challenge!

    Wondering what you’ll come up with tomorrow… I’m almost afraid! LOL

    Rosa Robichaud

  4. I cleaned off the entire shelf of my counted cross-stitch stuff! I mean, I’m not planning to do any counted cross-stitch or duplicate stitch any time in the next decade, so why does it take up an entire shelf in my sewing room?
    Well, it doesn’t NOW! Into a bin it went, and to the garage sale corner of my storage room.

  5. Thanks for Task Two. I have it done and have blogged about it here:
    Plus, I added pictures of Task One.

  6. Shelly, great boot in the patoot! Love it! I am going to tackle this in the morning, since we were gone all day today. I’m going to clean off my cutting table, which is also a disaster. I’ll take a photo and blog it tomorrow. It’s not as bad as yours, but it’s pretty bad, considering how tiny my room is and that it’s my only work space in the room! More tomorrow!

    Your counter looks great! It is such a struggle to keep stuff cleaned off, isn’t it?!

  7. Thanks. this was just what I need. Why is it so comforting to know that one is not alone with your bad habits? I am definitely also a “piler” I will clear a space that was used for piling and turn it into an experimental area. I plan to make small flags in 2011 trying out different creative techniques.

  8. I’m working on this, but won’t finish today. I do have my before pictures posted – http://knitnoid.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/2010-final-countdown-task-two/

    I’m guessing another couple of hours to get all 4 spaces cleaned up.

  9. Thanks for this! It gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get my sewing table cleaned!

  10. Waiting for the 3rd task….. *tapping my foot*


  11. Okay! I got ‘er done. Blogged at http://peasinapod.typepad.com/peas-in-a-pod/2010/12/2010-final-countdown-task-two.html

    That felt good. Thanks so much for the boot in the patoot. I am now working on one of my UFOs! 🙂

  12. I finished off my 9 blocks and cleared my space… now it is covered in YELLOWS for the next round… so much for being clean!

  13. I did it. You can see photos here, http://alamosaquilter.blogspot.com/2010/12/2010-final-countdown-second-task.html

    Thanks for the nudge!

  14. Thanks for the challenge! A great way to kick off 2011! I’ve done tasks one and two. I blogged about it here: http://fortheloveofneedleandthread.blogspot.com/2011/01/shelly-of-prairie-moon-quilts-has-great.html

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