Happy Happy New Year!

It’s a fresh new year.

Are you ready to do something great with it?

I am . . . but I’m still arguing with myself over what those great things will be.

I don’t call myself a New Year’s Resolution maker, because I keep a running list of goals all year long every year. Some of them I get done in a year, some take longer, some drop off the list, and I add more as I dream them up.

I call myself more of a Goal Setter.

Let me clarify that . . .

I said “Goal Setter”, NOT “Goal Achiever.”

Sure, I achieve a lot of them, but I make a HUGE list every year, and I always have big ideas about how much I can get done. Therefore, I never finish all the things on my list, but that’s because the list keeps evolving, and that’s how I work best. Just the act of writing down everything I hope to get done at least keeps it on my radar, and makes me do more than I would if I didn’t make a list. So . . .

I’m making a new list for this year. I’ll carry over some unfinished things from last year, add some more things I’ve dreamed up, cross some things off, and carry on as usual. And I’m excited about that.

One new thing I’m doing this year is keeping a daily diary. Some of you know that I’ve been publishing my mother’s diary from her high school years here: The Life of Hazel Ilene.

Well, I found this great little diary that’s the modern-day version of the one she kept, and I’m going to start writing in it. Just a little note every day . . .

I don’t expect my daughters to ever publish it someday, but even if they get the laughs out of it that I’ve gotten from my mother’s diary, it’ll be time well spent.

I wish all of you a wonderful 2011, and hope you do great things with it.

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  1. Great goal! Maybe I should consider something like it. My father has kept one for years. I surely hope he is keeping them in a safe place, because I want to read them someday.

  2. I’m a goal setting as well! There is always something to strive for.

    Hope 2011 is a banner year for you.

  3. I believe in daily goals… yearly ones are so easy to blow off… hmmm, looking ahead, when I am going to see you again? Houston? before? MN? Hope your feeling better!

  4. Wishing you a very Happy New Year too!

  5. We are so much alike! I am about to post something extremely similar…no resolutions for me. Only goals/suggestions….

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