Back In The Saddle Again

I’m a bit ashamed to say how long it’s been since I rode my horse.

So I won’t . . .

. . . other than to say it’s been TOO long.

Plus, I also need to say that we’re BOTH a tad out of shape for it.

My Cowboy calls Bonnie a barrel horse, and it’s not because we run barrels . . .

(For a second, I thought I wasn’t gonna get my saddle to fit.)He’s also referred to her as a “round bale with legs”.

Not kind . . . not kind at all.

(And he wonders why she won’t let him get on her. She won’t!)

But she loves me . . . us big girls gotta stick together.

And yesterday was, for January, a most gorgeous day out.

If you ride, you know what I mean when I say you couldn’t NOT saddle up on a day like that!

My Cowboy’s been gone a lot lately, and I’m not much into “maintenance” while running the place alone. I just seem to not notice when something needs doing. And if it’s a dire emergency, I panic and call the neighbor or my brother-in-law to bail me out.

So we really needed to take care of a couple small things and check fences and gates and cows. And Ruby Sweet Cheeks and Bonnie got the job of carrying us around to do those things that needed doing.

As I’m dragging my saddle over to my horse, I managed to squeak out that Kari Lynn says I should get a barrel-racing saddle, because they’re better for wimps like me. My Cowboy politely reminded me that my saddle is still lighter than his, and we could trade if I’d like . . . no sympathy. (But he did heft it onto my horse for me, probably because he knew we’d never get gone if he didn’t help out because I was too busy leaning against the trailer gasping for air.)

It’s one of my goals this year to get back to riding more often. I used to ride almost every day, but I got busy, and cranky, and Bonnie got injured, and it dwindled down to never riding at all, which probably only made me crankier, because it really is true:

There’s nothing better for the inside of a person than the outside of a horse.

(That’s a famous quote, probably mis-quoted, and I have no idea who said it. If you know, leave me a comment and say so, for pity’s sake — don’t just leave me floundering in ignorance!)

So in the future, you just might be seeing more photos from me like this:

. . . and this:

. . . and this:And maybe I won’t be so cranky, even though I’ll be busier than ever.

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  1. If you lived in the desert and was able to surf the web and/or watch tv and see these incredible lakes and rivers and swimming pools…. wouldn’t you envy those people and tell them, “You are soooo lucky – you have NO IDEA!!!”

    I live in the city. I would have to drive about 2 hours from here, to find a horse stable that would allow newbies to get on their horse. And for 1 hour’s horse riding, the last time I checked (in 1984?) it was 40 bucks. Plus, with all that car driving and horse riding, you’d certainly need to stop somewhere to eat, right?

    And you get to ride your own personal horse ALL DAY LONG, if you want… for FREE?!?!??!?!? And I assume you’re not 90 years old and/or full of arthritis… that you’re still young enough to ride Bonnie?!?!?

    You very, VERY lucky, lucky girl…. *VBG*

    Hope you and Bonnie (AKA Round Bale With Legs) enjoy yourselves!!!!


  2. I am jealous! I won’t tell you how long it has been since I have ridden, but it is probably longer than you! I miss having my horses right outside my back door. I used to love smelling them in the winter…with their long winter coats…they smell SO good! They could bottle that stuff and sell it!

    One of my goals this spring is to start riding again. My horse, “Spinocchio” or Spinner for short, has no withers anyway, and gains weight when she sniffs hay. I can get my saddle on, just is a struggle keeping it on top!

    Congratulations on riding. I am looking forward to more pictures!

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden, too. I miss it a lot. When we lived in UT and ID, we did rides every Saturday that many people pay big bucks to do. For us, it was right in our back yard. Pretty cool. When I lived in southern UT, we lived on 80 acres. When we went out our back gate, you could ride for three days without even crossing a road! There were Anasazi ruins everywhere, and we’d get off and go explore. I told my husband that the only place I’ve every felt anything close to spirituality was when I was on Sweet Pea’s or Frank’s back riding through the mountains. It is such a peaceful experience. (Unless you get bucked off! haha!)

    So glad you got to go riding. Thanks for sharing with me. Made me jealous, but also made me so happy. Keep it comin’!

    Oh, and I love the “round bale with legs!” Too funny. I don’t want Your Cowboy to ever meet me for fear of what name he’d give ME! haha!

  4. Oh, and lest you think I ride my daughter, Sweet Pea was my horse’s name! He was a little shrimp, but so cute. He was a quarter horse, gelding. Beautiful, sweet bay. Someone else enjoys him now. What a nice lope he had…so smoothe.

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