LIVE 2011

Thea, over at This Cowgirl Life, has issued a challenge to join her in her LIVE2011 project.

I’ve been ruminating on it for a few days now, and have decided to jump in.

Hey, after all, it’s only 11 things . . . in a whole year . . . right?

I can handle this.

It’ll be good for me.

You could join, too.

It’d be good for you as well!

Frankly, it took me several days to come up with 11 things I want to work on for an entire year.

Most of you probably realize by now I’m a flitter, and committing to something for an entire year . . . well . . . that’s just such a long time . . . but then I realized that I’ve been faithfully blogging for longer than that. I’ve been quilting for nigh onto 36 years. I was even married for 23 years once! I’ve raised two kids, earned a college degree, and stuck with a full-time job for 15 years. Surely I can do this for one measly year, right?

So I took a few minutes to concentrate, took a break for some ibuprofen, came back and worked on it some more, had a nap, left it alone for a couple days, slaved over it some more, went to coffee with my best friend, visited my daughter, quilted some, took more ibuprofen, slept, and finally, I think I have my list.

Wanna see it?

Here it is:

1. Faithfully keep a daily diary

2. Finish 100 (quilting or sewing-related) projects this year

3. Get my studio whipped into shape (be more organized)

4. Make major improvements to the ranch shack

5. Ride my horse more

6. Pay more attention to my health

7. Establish some routines (personal and work-related)

8. Decrease my fabric stash

9. Decrease my number of UFOs

10. Get back to work on competition quilting

11. Cultivate my creativity

We’re all posting updates around the 5th of each month, so I’ll elaborate more on my list during those updates, and let you know every month how I’m doing.

Sure you don’t wanna join in?

Click the badge above, and you, too, can LIVE 2011.

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  1. Sounds like “resolutions.” haha. 🙂

  2. Wonderful to do list. Good luck with your resolutions!

  3. Ohmigosh, Girl! You are at it again. This is like those lists of 25 things you are going to do in the next month. All I can say is that it is a good thing you are not prone to depression. Not finishing all that stuff you write down would be depressing to me. So I promise to do lots less stuff. And I generally succeed in doing less. How’s that for living! I actually like to make lists and I like resolutions but they are much more general than that. Rather than read through the whole Bible this year, I promise to keep reading it and to follow all those wonderful rabbit trails that God places in front of me. For instance right now He and I are meditating on those instances in the gospel where Jesus was transgigured on Mt. Herman. He was revealed as God’s Eternal One. Now that is a good rabbit trail.
    I have been in love with you for several years……..believe me, folks, she will get a lot of this done. We just won’t know which things it will be in spite of this list. Get on with it, Girl. I’m waiting to applaud the successes.

  4. Uh!! That word is transfigured………

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