QA Report #45

Well, I’m off to a pretty good start.

Maybe I’m beginning to learn how to set realistic goals?

Maybe it was a fluke this week that I managed to get my two things done?

Maybe not leaving the house for a week has helped?

We’ve been snowed in, and that’s been just fine with me. I’ve been getting a lot of things done, including catching up on some much-neglected things that need doing. And no, I’m not talking about housecleaning . . .

Here’s what I said I was gonna do last week:

1) Quilt a quilt of my own on my longarm, even if it’s tiny

2) Get caught up on my blocks for the 15 Minutes Play Quilting Bee I’m in

Here’s the little quilt I quilted, and I DO mean LITTLE, and it still needs the binding, but how long can that possibly take, as small as it is?

And here are my Bee blocks . . . November (very late):

And December (late):

And I haven’t done January’s yet, but it’s still January, so I’m not late yet, and don’t intend to be. Catching up is a good thing.

Now I need to decide what I’m wanting to be held accountable for next week. The snow gets packed into ice on our roads, so I’m just fine with staying in some more.

The “two things” program worked pretty well; I think I’ll stick with that. So . . .

Two things:

1 ) Quilt another quilt of my own, even if it’s small

2 ) Start drawing the pattern for my Crayon Challenge.

Go check on everyone else over at Bari’s, as usual.

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  1. You are doing well! Congratulations. I have had a minimal sewing week, which does not make me happy.

  2. good stuff! Your feathers look great on that mini!

  3. AWESOME! You got it all done! Woo hoo! I am excited for you and inspired by you! Maybe it will rub off and I can get more of my stuff done…LOL

    I love your little project. Why is it so hard to quilt our own stuff? Do you ever fall in to the trap that when you quilt one of your own it has to be really fancy? I have a couple that I just want finished like with a panto, but feel I OUGHT to practice some fancy quilting on them… I don’t do them at all!

    I like you play blocks – those are pretty cool looking. So you are doing each month with a different “technique” or style? I am tempted to join you, but reason is getting the better of me….no time, no time!

  4. Well done! I love the quilting on your little quilt – darling! And those Bee Blocks are phenominal! You’re on a roll! Now just send all that snow my way so I can be snowed in for a while – I got my machine back yesterday and I want to sew!!

  5. Shelly, you’re looking good! Guess you just need to lock yourself in the house more often! 🙂


  6. I LOVE those bee blocks. I’m really starting to like “wonky.”

  7. Hey Way to go…You got it all done. LOL Smaller goals work best for me to. LOL Love the Bee blocks.

  8. I can’t believe it! Lots of progress but hey, that’s not why I am commenting. I am noting that I see a fabric in the blue purple thing that came from my stash. Don’t remember giving you some of it…….but I’m sure I did. Why am I sure? Because my mother had a dress made out of it back in the early 70’s probably when she was still making her housedresses rather than wearing polyester pants and blouses. That came later for her in the 80’s. So the memories live on!! Brightened my day!

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