News From the Ranch, Episode 609

• After 9 days without so much as stepping foot out my door, My Cowboy made me leave the house.

• It was cold out.

• I didn’t like it.

• I randomly generated a number for my Procrastination Challenge project.

• The number was 8.

• It’s naturally the one project on the list that needs the most work before being finished.

• I’m not showing it to you until it’s done.

• So don’t ask.

• There’s still time to get in on the current give-away I’m having.

• There’s still snow on the ground here.

• Lots of it.

• And ice to go with it.

• Current notable quote from My Cowboy: “There are lots more people willing to buy your amateur porn than your quilting patterns. That’s just the kinda world we live in.”

• Sadly, he’s probably right.

• But let me just state for the record: I do NOT do amateur porn.

• I . . .

• . . . am strictly a professional . . .

• AND . . .


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  1. It is sad, but your Cowboy is probably right. Hang in there, it will happen!

  2. Cowboys say the darndest things… 😉 Have no fear you are not alone on anything related to procrastination….

  3. I’ve been trying to handle the WIP / UFO’s like credit card debt…trying to finish the one closest to done, then attack the one with the next least amount of time to finish. I’m thinking the random # idea may be the only way to attack some of those big ones. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Hahaha! My first thought was, “She does amateur porn?!” LOL! Have you guys seen The Amateurs? It’s a movie about some guys who try to make a porn movie. It is REALLY good and so funny. We loved it.

  5. Ha ha! I was rolling on the floor…LOL

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