Everyone has it . . .

Not everyone uses theirs.

Sometimes the trials and tribulations of everyday life can squelch the creative muse right out of your brain.

You’re too busy, too overwhelmed, too whatever . . . to take the time to be creative.

Well . . .

Creativity is just like exercise.

Taking time to exercise doesn’t make you more tired.

It gives you more energy.

Taking time to be creative just frees you up to be more creative.

It’s one of my goals this year (and on into the future) to be more conscious of cultivating my creativity.

To not be so busy with the everyday that I can’t take some time every day just to be creative.

It’s also one of my goals to establish some routines in my life, so that some of the everyday can just be on autopilot. Part of my routine is going to contain creative time.

I’m already a part of the 15 Minutes Play group, and I freely admit, there are days when I don’t get to have my 15 minutes, but I DO make up for it later. It’s very liberating, and the ideas come fast and furious while I’m playing.

I find myself making notes and sketching right along with the playing and stitching!

This year, I’ve dug out my neglected sketchbooks and gone back to doodling. When I was young, I used to doodle so much that my schoolmates would pay me for my doodles! Dedicated doodle time was in short supply when I had young kids at home, so it kind of tapered off then; but sitting in boring staff meetings at my former job certainly inspired me right back to doodling, and some of my best ideas of late were spawned during those times.

I have a folder full of clippings I’ve cut out and scraps of paper with doodles I’ve made on the fly. I call it my Idea File, and I’ll post later on how I’m using that. You haven’t heard the last of me on this subject!

So now, in addition to keeping a daily diary, I’m also going to schedule time for doodling. I don’t care how many sketchbooks I fill up.

Victoria was speaking of the 15 Minutes Play principle when she said: “It’s all about . . . Finding ideas, where you hadn’t had any to start with.”

I think that speaks oodles for any way you choose to go about Cultivating Your Creativity!

Are you up for the challenge?

I dare you to doodle . . .

Oh . . . and . . .

PS: I think an appropriate caption for that photo above would be: “All Quilters Must Draw Feathers”.

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  1. Yep! Doodle doodle doodle! What a dandy idea!! I love it when I sm playing and something jumps out at me… Stay warm girlie! Crank up those space heaters!!!

  2. I love to think creatively. My inspiration is not doodling at all or pictures very often. But words are what get me going. I start thinking about crazy stuff and the words make me imagine. Some of this works its way into quilts. Some of it just works its way into writing stuff. Wish I had a mission to write something that was able to be printed but so far nothing major has found its way out of my hopper. My particular favorite creative inspiration is the Prairie Home Companion on PBS radio. That Garrison Keilor thinks like I do……..only he gets paid for it. One time when Shelly and I were in Paducah I used a joke from PHC. I told a vendor there and the people in line that all my grandchildren were born in Lake Woebegone……..where all the men are handsome and all the women are strong and all the children are above average. I still laugh when I remember the face of the woman behind me in line.

  3. Thanks Shelly, a confirmation from my post yesterday.

  4. I’m not much of a doodler, but I have noticed that when I pay attention and write down ideas, I have more of them. Who knows when a truly GREAT idea will come along, but in the meantime, paying attention more often will help me to not miss it.

  5. Great doodles! I have never been much of a doodler, so it has been hard for me to get started on it. But I have enjoyed it, too. I will be so happy to see your sketchbook progress!

  6. Ohhhh….PRETTY feathers too! Looking great! I am at the young children stage and have found I don’t have nearly as much time to doodle as I would like. Yes, it really inspires creativity and I need to get back at it. Keep inspiring me with ideas like this. I needed the kick in the pants!


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