QA Report #48

Another week gone by in a blur.

And now we’re snowed in again. Big time, this time.

So it only makes sense that during the next few days, I’d get a lot done, right?

We’ll see. I can usually find way too many things to distract myself with.

Last week, I said . . . even tho I knew I wouldn’t be home much . . . that I would:

1 ) Finish my January Bee Block and make the February blocks for the 15 Minutes Play Bee I’m involved in.

Thankfully, I had a good start on them, and they were fun and easy, so I whipped them right out. Problem now is, I can’t take them to the Post Office for awhile, cuz we can’t go anywhere due to all the snow. But at least done is good.

Here’s January’s house block:And February’s blocks:2 ) I’m gonna still keep working on Vivian’s Flowers some more.

I did finish 2 more blocks. I’m afraid to count how many are still left. They seem to be multiplying . . .Now, for this week’s two tasks . . . what should it be?

1 ) I’m keeping Vivian’s Flowers on the list. This is making me work on them, and I want them done. I seem to be averaging two per week, and I’d like to step that up.

2 ) Quilt another quilt of my own, whatever size. I’m not promising binding being finished with this, either. If I manage that, it’ll just be a bonus.

Yes, I know . . . booooring . . . but sometimes you just gotta stick with something a bit longer for it to come out of the Hopper, and I need some stuff to come out of the Hopper. This weather is giving me the itch to start something new, and I’m trying to resist!

Go see what others might be resisting or getting done over at Bari’s.

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  1. Okay, so how much new snow did you get on top of what was already there?

    I really like your house block. That is cool! Your flowers are also coming along…even it if is two at a time, they will get done sooner than if you weren’t doing them!

    Well, I have been thinking of you way up there in the frozen north…not that you are that much further than we are! It is going to be in the single digits tonight and I am sure glad we have power and heat!

    Take care!


  2. When you talk about how much you don’t get done I always wonder, “How many quilts do you do for others each week?”

  3. Really cute house block!

  4. I’m snowed in too–3rd day of canceled school tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ll actually finish anything, but I keep working on them as I can–and trying to think about tonight’s predicted -20. Since it’s already -15, we could go lower. You stay safe and warm!!!!!

  5. Resist?! Good luck with that! LOL! You have had a productive January! Wish I could say the same, but at least I’m sewing again. -10° here this morning, but I’m pretty sure we’ll thaw out before you do.

  6. You got a lot done. I love the house block.. Good luck resisting new projects.

  7. I love your house block! Vivian’s flowers look great too.

  8. You are making good progress. Before you know it, those Vivian blocks will be done!

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