LIVE2011 February Update

Well, it’s been a whole month of 2011 already. Can you believe it?

It’s time to update my progress on my LIVE2011 Challenge . . .

Those 11 things I set out to make progress on this year.

Here we go:

1. Faithfully keep a daily diary

I haven’t missed a day yet. My studio ceiling sprung a leak and leaked all over my diary and got it wet, which seriously ticked me off, but there’s no use crying over spilt milk. I’m using it anyway.

2. Finish 100 (quilting or sewing-related) projects this year

I’ve done 2 so far. This does not bode well for being on track for 100, but I DO have several others really close, so I could theoretically catch up, if I really got motivated and lit a fire under my tail. Which might also help keep me warmer, since we’ve been in the grip of some bitter cold, which is partly why I’m NOT motivated right now.

3. Get my studio whipped into shape (be more organized)

I cleaned off my mailing counter and blogged about that HERE. I’ll be picking another area to concentrate on this month. I’ll have to let you know what that is once I’ve decided.

4. Make major improvements to the ranch shack

Although I’ve done more cleaning than usual, I haven’t done anything major yet. Right now, it’s a battle just to keep the place from falling down around our ears. Winter is hard on stuff. So far I’ve managed to flood the bathroom once, and the kitchen twice — yes, just this year! But, I’m gearing up to paint my new pantry, so My Cowboy can put up shelves for me. I know he needs something to do . . .

5. Ride my horse more

I’ve ridden once, and blogged about that HERE. That’s all the weather has allowed so far this year.

6. Pay more attention to my health

Baby steps, baby steps. I have, for the most part, given up drinking soda, although I slip sometimes. I’ve also gone back to faithfully taking all my vitamins daily, and I’m trying to drink more water, but that’s hard for me during cold weather. Something to work on I guess. I also need to add in exercise, but just haven’t gotten that motivated yet.

7. Establish some routines (personal and work-related)

I SUCK at this, evidently. I make a schedule, but then I can’t stick to it. I don’t know what the solution to that problem is, but I’ll keep tweaking, and keep trying.

8. Decrease my fabric stash

I’ve been winning at this one so far, but not by much. I hope my numbers keep improving. You can read the reports HERE.

9. Decrease my number of UFOs

This will tie into #2 above, if I ever get motivated. So far, the two I’ve finished were not really UFOs, but with my Procrastination Challenge in full swing, I hope to remedy that.

10. Get back to work on competition quilting

I haven’t even thought about this one. Well, OK, I DID think about it once or twice because I have this list of goals posted on my wall. I just haven’t picked a project and committed any time to it yet. Something to work on for this month, I guess.

11. Cultivate my creativity

I posted about that HERE, and I’m loving doodling in my sketchbook. More posts are forthcoming on this topic. I’m also having fun with the 15 Minutes Play challenges, and I’ll have some things to show you from that later on as well.

So there you have it. My February update. February is our short month, so I’m off to see what I can get done in the next few days and weeks.

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  1. You’re really doing well. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Good on you for the diary, even if it did get wet. That’s just part of the story that will go with it now. 100 projects is a huge goal! Don’t forget to enjoy the process, like I caught myself doing! You’re working hard on your doodling and haven’t added to your stash! The weather wreaks havoc on so many plans, doesn’t it? I started going to the gym faithfully 3 days a week thanks to a work buddy who’s meeting me there. This month, my goal is to get myself on a serious diet. ha!

  2. Establish some routines. Hmmmm. Not loving routines is part of the creative personality. How about deciding instead that you will decide each evening or each morning what is the one really important thing you must do today………even if something else is let go. What this probably doesn’t mean is that you decide to chuck everything and plug in a movie and eat chocolate chip cookies all afternoon. It might look important when you thought of it, but will it seem so at bedtime. I think it makes sense to write it down until you are used to making that decision each day. Now to confess about my challenge……to pull out a UFO. I pullled out a charm pack and pieced a whole small wallhanging from it…….and found a backing and some batting. After quilting the project I am working on, I will do this one. Not exactly what I thought I would do, but I am calling it success. Sorry this is so long.

  3. Shelly, even your to-do list is stupendous. I empathize with you about the diary getting wet! That would really bug me, especially this early in the year! When I read about your resolutions, it motivates me to try to make some progress with my UFOs, too, but I am SO out of your league!

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