QA Report #49

A day late, in my usual style . . .

And it just gets even more boring . . .

Last week I said:

1 ) I’m keeping Vivian’s Flowers on the list.

I finished 3 this week. That’s a bit of an improvement. I also got the finished ones pressed and trimmed, so I can start setting them together as I get time. I put them on my design wall over the top of something else, so that’s why the backgrounds look funky.2 ) Quilt another quilt of my own, whatever size. I’m not promising binding being finished with this, either. If I manage that, it’ll just be a bonus.

Not done. I played the role of resident ranch vegetable for part of this week, for some reason. I think the cold has my brain frozen. I know it has my fingers frozen.

So what will be my two things this coming week? I know already that I have a hectic few days coming up, so I should take it easy on myself, so more boring is probably in order.

1 ) I’m gonna try to best last week’s record on the Vivian’s Flowers blocks, which means I’d need to get 4 (or more) done this week. That would suit me just fine!

2 ) And I still think I’ll try to quilt a quilt of my own. I’m behind on my 100 things to finish, and I could use the binding for carry-around handwork.

See? Boooring . . . But I hope I have a better report next week. Meanwhile, go check on the others over at Bari’s.

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  1. I seem to have A TON of binding to do, thanks to you! 😉 I can’t keep up either, don’t feel bad… ar eyou machine appliquing the flowers?

  2. You’re doing just great. You keep making some progress each week, and that’s what counts. Wish we lived closer to each other. I’d love to come over and help you stitch Vivian’s flowers. It would be fun to sit and do them together!

  3. I think the weather has us both frozen. LOL but hey you did get something on your list done. LOL

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