Stash Report #6 – 2011

I didn’t report last week because nothing had changed.

I thought about not reporting this week, because still nothing has changed.

I’ve been working, but everything I’ve been working with has already been counted. You’d think that would mean something should have spilled out of the Hopper by now, but it hasn’t.

If I get any more boring, I might as well just go to bed and stay there indefinitely. Which actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea . . .

Used this week: 0 yds

Used year to date: 16.875 yds

Added this week: 0 yds

Added year to date: 3 yds

Net used in 2011: 13.875 yds

I’m not making any guesses as to what’s going to happen in the next week. At least I’m not in the negative numbers!

Go see if others are more exciting over at JudyL’s. How could they not be?

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  1. Status quo is NOT a bad thing here! 🙂

  2. Take heart! Some things just take a little more incubation time. You ARE making progress and some things are just worth waiting for.

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