The Home Five

Five cows.

Our five favorite cows.

No matter what other cows come and go around here, these five will always stay.

Fancy Pants, our lead cow, and her entourage: Number Three, Sophie, Skunk, and YingYang.

Right now, they’re our only five.

Well, almost . . .

We called the cows up, and they always come. We knew there was a new baby, so our discussion went something like this:

“He’s not with them.”

“Bet she’s got him hidden out somewhere.”

“Maybe I should walk over the hill and check.”

“You go right ahead. I’ll wait here.”

“Look! Here he comes!”

And, boy, was he hightailin’ it. Mom saw him coming, and let out a beller that scared even him, and he got so confused, he ran clear past the herd. He knew he was in trouble for not stayin’ put where Mom had told him to.

But Skunk obviously forgave him pretty quickly.

She’s a good mama.

And how could you not? Isn’t he adorable?

Isn’t that a cute little tongue?

I’m thinking about naming him Curly.

We’re not 100% sure he isn’t a she, and Curly will fit either way.

We could end up with a Home Six!



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  1. He is so cute! I love little calves! We have our favorite cows, too. We have had some of them for nearly 20 years, which as you know, is like 100 years (or more) for people.

  2. He is a cute little calf. Being a city girl, I didn’t realize mama cows hide their babies. I learned something new!

  3. Neat. Calves are just the cutest. I love it when they run and kick up their heels. Looks like you guys have quite the heard. I have a really cute children’s book about cows that you would love. I can’t think of the title right now. When I find it, I’ll send it to you. You’d love it. It’s about a cowgirl and a cow boy who keep a fence between their cows. One day the fence blows down in a tornado and their cows get mixed up with each other. It is so cute. And their cows have names like your cows.

  4. I found the name of the book. It’s Sixteen Cows by Lisa Wheeler (who I incidentally just realized is from the Detroit area!). Here is the link to the book:

    You can flip through the pages and see the illustrations. The story is so YOU. You really need this book. I bought it for Elsa a while back. Can’t remember why. I really love the story, the rhyme, the pictures, everything.

  5. Not only do they hide them, but often one cow (or even occasionally the bull) will remain behind the herd to babysit the group of calves while the rest of the cows go to graze! I always wonder how they communicate their information to each other. How do the cows tell each other whose turn it is to babysit?

  6. I also can imagine what the bull is saying when HE has to babysit!

  7. What an adorable baby!Congrats to Mama Skunk.

  8. Hope, I love the babysitting, I see that in the fields when we are traveling. Years ago there was farm fabric with the calves sitting in the pasture and all you could see was the head. I kick myself that I never bought any of that fabric. I’m with you, wonder how they know who’s turn it is? Got to go check out that book.

  9. Aw! He/she is darling! I can’t keep track of the ones we have here – too many to name, but I do end up naming (and becoming attached to) the little dogie calves when we have them. Are y’all expecting any more this year? Must look into that book Stephanie recommended!

  10. I sure miss having cows and calves! They are so much fun. I am also going to have to check out that book – the kids would love it! (Actually, so would I, and fortunately they are still young enough I get to read to them so won’t get caught reading some child’s book all by my lonesome!)

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