Pantry, Step Two

Eons ago . . . OK, so it was just a year . . .

But it feels like eons . . .

I started making a pantry in my kitchen.

I blogged about that HERE.

That was all I did.

I’m real good at starting things.

Finishing? Not so much . . .

But last week, I finished Step Two of the pantry.

Well, I can’t really say “I” . . .

. . . because I had to have help from My Cowboy.

I did the painting, and he hung the shelves for me.

There’s even a light inside!

Step Three is deciding what goes in the pantry and on which shelves those things belong.

And if I want to do anything to the floor or just leave it like it is, since it won’t show.

The other part of my kitchen will then seem so much more spacious.

Let’s just hope that next step doesn’t take me a year!


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  1. Finishing is so hard! You got over the biggest hump….painting and hanging the shelves! It’s downhill from here and very rewarding. I know you can do it! Looks like a great pantry. Yay!

  2. woo-hoo you go girl! I remember when you step #1. Keep at it, you will love having the pantry.

  3. It looks great, and you will love it.

  4. I am envious! In Texas, I designed a walk-in pantry with shelves on 3 sides and 6 years later I still miss it terribly! All my items were lined up so neatly and at just a glance, I knew exactly what I was running low on. I have been down-sized to a 6′ cabinet from Walmart where I can’t find anything. reminnder to self- Thou shalt not covet.

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