Our St. Patty’s Day

• My Cowboy is of Irish descent.

• Today he wore his green Chicago Cubs baseball cap instead of his cowboy hat.

• I told him that with his green eyes, he really didn’t need to wear extra green today.

• His mother forgot to wear any green at all.

• So did his sister.

• But as the Luck of the Irish would have it, his mother did have on an emerald ring.

• My Cowboy had to point that fact out to her.

• At which point, her husband tried to disown her.

• After all, he’s the one who gave her the ring.

• We saw a real live leprechaun in the hospital waiting room.

• Red beard and everything.

• Wearing several pieces of St. Patrick’s Day “flair”.

• If you’ve ever watched “Office Space”, you’ll know what I mean by “flair”.

• If you haven’t seen it, you really must. Hilarious!

• We were at the hospital because My Cowboy was having a “procedure” done on his heart.

• Shortly after they began prepping him, they decided to move him to another location.

• Picture, if you will, a 6-foot-1 cowboy . . .

• Emerging into the waiting room at full speed, wearing 2 hospital gowns, the green baseball cap, and his cowboy boots.

• I was too stunned to even take a picture.

• I’m still kicking myself for being so slow on the draw.

• And I’m still laughing about it.

• After retrieving my chin off the waiting room floor, we walked all the way across the hospital complex together.

• I don’t know who made the better impression: My Cowboy or the leprechaun!

• The procedure went well.

• It did determine, that yes, in spite of what we originally thought, My Cowboy DOES indeed have a heart!

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  1. Glad the procedure went well, but I do wish you’d gotten a picture! Happy St. Pat’s!

  2. Oh, really? I thought he gave his heart to you.

  3. Happy to hear all went well. Here’s hoping he’ll soon be back in the saddle!

  4. You are too funny. I loved your story. Glad all is well. I love Office Space and “flair.” We are soul sisters, I tell you.

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