FNSI Report

Last night was the Friday Night Sew-In for March.

I did manage to get started at 6:00, and was hoping to make it till 10:00, but I actually got a second wind and made it till midnight!

I got a lot done!

I longarmed for a couple hours . . .

Then I lined this box with paper (like I did this one previously):

Then I put together ingredients for some kits . . . I’m vending at a show in a couple weeks, and I’m trying to get ready for that.

Then I finished the first batch of 98 4-patches for my Crayon Challenge and started on the next batch of 98:I finished piecing 12 Disappearing 9-Patch blocks for a small quilt (more on that later):

I pinned down some more of Vivian’s Flowers in preparation for blanket stitching . . .

And used my French General squares for a leader/ender project:

And I looked at a quilting magazine.

I listened to the Classic Rock station the entire time.

And had a runny nose and kept sneezing all night.

And texted my sister off and on.

About halfway through the evening, I sat down at the computer for a few minutes. Wouldn’t you know that’s right when My Cowboy decides to “check on me”? He said: “I thought it was called Sew-In, not Computer-In.”

What did YOU get done?

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  1. Isn’t that what husbands do best though? Seems mine comes looking as soon as the sewing machine STOPS making noise. Of course…

  2. Didn’t know it was a group thing, but I almost finished prepping my July BOM block. Boy is that quilt zooming along.

  3. Whew! I need a nap after just reading about your productive evening! Not a stitch was sewn around here unless you count the stitch I got in my side while trying to keep up with DH when we were walking. Hoping for some sewing time today, but things rarely go according to plan around here! Hope you’re feeling better today!

  4. YAY YOU! What a productive night. Just tell him it was the computer that gave you the second wind.

  5. Sounds like a really productive night. How long did you stay up?! When I first saw that box, I thought it was an attic window quilt, and I thought, Wow! That really looks dimensional! haha. Love that red and white polka dot paper! I would love to have a long time to devote to sewing. It has been a while. These days, it comes in little spurts.

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