QA Report #54

Is it Wednesday already?

I had a feeling it would sneak up on me this week.

Last Wednesday, I said I was going to:

1 ) Keep working on Vivian’s Flowers.

I did, but I still don’t know how many I did. I think I have about 8 left to do. Still not the brightest light at the end of the tunnel, but getting closer.

2 ) Finish something . . . anything . . . just to have another finished project.

This I did not do, although I came dangerously close. I got two little quilts quilted, but I didn’t get the binding on them, so I can’t count them as finished just yet.

So . . . for this week, I’m making it easy on myself.

I’m going to:

1 ) Continue work on Vivian’s Flowers. You know, if I just do one a day, I’ll be so close to done that it might inspire me to finish the rest of them up in a hurry.

2 ) Put the binding on those two little quilts.

Anything extra I get done will just be a bonus, because I also have to finish my taxes. Ugh!

Now I’m off to Bari’s to see what everyone else is working on. You should go check them out, too.

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  1. Oh, wow! Only 8 more blocks on Vivian’s Flowers? That is definitely incentive! I am sure you can get a good portion of those this week. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be DONE with it?

    I also like your thinking – spring is a busy time with a lot going on so keep those goals realistic!

    You always get so much other stuff done though!


  2. Only 8 more to go?! That’s amazing! You’re almost done!!! that is huge progress! Seems like last time you gave us a number you had something like 30 to go. This is just great!

    I got very little accomplished on my UFOs this week.

  3. Only 8 left to do..That is almost done.. LOL

  4. I love that you came dangerously close!! Too cute

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