LIVE2011 April Update

Time for the monthly update on the 11 things I wanted to work on this year.

1. Faithfully keep a daily diary

Still haven’t missed a day. I figure if my mother could do it for years, so can I. It’s been pretty easy. I have the diary laying out where I’ll always see it and can’t forget.

2. Finish 100 (quilting or sewing-related) projects this year

I’m up to SIX finished projects now. Still hoping that things speed up more before too much longer! I’m a long way from 100. By my calculations, I should have 25 things finished by now to be on track . . . not even close so far, but ever hopeful!

3. Get my studio whipped into shape (be more organized)

No progress on this. In fact, I could truthfully say I’ve had a backslide in this department. Last month was so busy getting ready for the quilt show and working overtime on customer quilts, that I made more of a mess than usual. Two steps forward, one step back. Maybe in the next month I can move forward again.

4. Make major improvements to the ranch shack

No more improvements to the ranch shack lately. I’m stuck because the things that need done are not things that I can do. My Cowboy said to me: “You’d drown in 4 feet of water in a kiddie pool with an entire audience of onlookers before you’d ask for help!” Maybe I should just suck it up and ask for a little help?

5. Ride my horse more

Went riding again yesterday. Much better ride than the one before. I think Bonnie has become resigned to her fate as a riding horse once again, and has come to terms with the fact that she really isn’t retired, 21 years old or not. She’s a good girl . . .

6. Pay more attention to my health

Well, I’ve had a bit of a backslide in this area, too . . . sort of . . . I’m not doing AS well on the no sugar/no white flour thing, but still being careful. I’ve been able to avoid fast food altogether, which is a plus. My Cowboy and I both have been trying to cook and eat healthier at home. One of our weaknesses is ice cream. For him, any flavor, for me, it’s coffee or butter pecan. Can’t ever seem to resist it.

I’ve also made steps toward starting exercise again. Notice, I didn’t say actually exercising, just taking steps toward starting . . . hahaha! I’ve been for one outdoor walk, and I’ve been horseback riding, and I cleaned off my treadmill so that I can start using it again. Teeny, tiny baby steps, huh?

7. Establish some routines (personal and work-related)

When I get something started as a habit, then I slowly add to it, and that’s what I’ve been doing. My schedule, even tho I never get everything done on it every week, keeps getting tweaked, and at least keeps the important stuff moving forward so that I don’t completely forget something I’m supposed to do. And I’m getting really used to it, so that helps.

8. Decrease my fabric stash

Still haven’t added to the stash yet this year, and have been managing to use a little.

9. Decrease my number of UFOs

Down by another 2 this month. When I get it whittled down some more, I’m going to have to, at some point, take a serious inventory of just how many UFOs I actually have. I’m a bit frightened about knowing. Ignorance really IS bliss!

10. Get back to work on competition quilting

One entire quarter of the year gone so far, and NO progress on this one yet. I think it’s because I have no good spot to sit down and work on a project as intricate as my competition quilts are. So in my reorganization of the studio, I need to “build in” a spot that works for that kind of sewing and is comfortable and inviting, so that I’ll actually enjoy and look forward to sitting down in that spot and working on one of those quilts. We’ll see what I can come up with.

11. Cultivate my creativity

I’ve been sketching and doodling like crazy. It’s led to several new ideas for new designs. I can’t seem to work fast enough to get them all turned into actual quilts — ack! But it’s fun just the same. I’ve also added lots of clippings and notes to my Idea File to play around with later.

There’s where I’m at for April, with 3/4 of the year left to go. More next month . . .

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  1. Inspiring! You are doing well, working a little at a time on each one.

  2. You are doing wonderful, slow and steady, right? I’m with you, though, I don’t want to count my UFO’s and know exactly how many there are.

  3. You are doing awesome on these! As you reminded me, baby steps count!! Keep up the good work on everything!

  4. Creavity Cultivation:

    “Hire” a good friend or trustworthy person to actually MAKE your pattern…. The word “Hire” was the key word, here…. It’s actually a good, quick, trustworthy, loyal fan of a (volunteer) friend to “test” your pattern… if you wish.

    *looks around*

    Oh NO, not me!!! LOL

    I work during the day and am too busy but I’m POSITVE you have a special someone that you could ask. *s*

    See? They “make” your pattern, they test it for you and you get to publish your pattern, thanking them for helping you. It’s usually a win-win situation.

    Hope this helps…

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  5. 10. working on competition quilting.

    Name a specific day of the week, for you and YOUR quilting…

    Hey, why not “Shelly’s Saturday”, eh?

    Work on your competition quilting or whatever. You had a challenge, recently and at one point, you gave us permission to start a new project. WOW!!! how liberating that felt for me!!!! *VBG*

    My “day” is usually Sunday. That’s when I quilt from morning till supper time. *s*


  6. You are definitely making progress! I should learn from you. I feel like I flitter from thing to thing and don’t do any of them well. Your Cowboy’s analysis of you in the kiddie pool had me laughing (NOT about you drowning of course) but I can so relate!

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