QA Report #56

Once again, it has escaped my attention that this week had a Wednesday. I woke up this morning thinking today is Wednesday, but it’s just not. How do I lose days so easily?

Over the last week, I was supposed to:

1 ) Work some more on Vivian’s Flowers.

I did, but I seem to be working in ultra slow motion. I still have 2 blocks to make from scratch, and four of the originals to do the blanket stitching on. But it’s coming together!2 ) Put the binding on 3 quilts.

After Bari accused my unbound quilts of being promiscuous, I figured I’d better take her advice and get them bound and finished before anything else happened. When I went after them, there were still only 3. Whew!

I got two of them finished. Even bigger Whew!

Here’s my QQB Pinwheel Challenge quilt, all finished:

And a little table runner I made out of some fabric samples I got from Studio-e:

So what to work on next week?

1 ) I’m definitely leaving Vivian’s Flowers on the list. I’m getting so close to the end, and I am really really really anxious to have this quilt done.

2 ) Quilt 2 quilts of my own. There’s a bit of a lull in my customer quilt schedule for now. Not much of one, but at least enough that I feel comfortable sneaking in a couple of my own until the next big deadline is looming. So we’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, go check on the accomplishments of others over at Bari’s.

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  1. You are SO close to finishing up those flowers! I can’t wait to see it completed! Wish I were closer so I could help stitch…or at least wash dishes or something so you could stitch. I love the warmth of your Pinwheel Challenge quilt ans I’m happy to hear that the promiscuity has been reined in before it all got out of hand. Can’t have quilts misbehavin’ like that. Glad to hear you have a bit of a breather – if you can even call it that.

  2. Yer a bloggin’ fool today! Yous are so close to being done on Vivian’s flowers! Wonderful! And have fun doing something for yourself finally!

  3. Vivian’s Flowers is looking great! Seeing those rows put together sure would be incentive for me! I am glad you have a lull for a bit and can work on something of your own. Your feathers on the table runner look good!

    FYI – You will be right on time with your Quilter’s Accountability Report next week – my computer is down and I am borrowing my hubby’s when he is not on it or working. I won’t be able to post the report until Thursday! LOL

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