Nail Salon

I spent most of the weekend with my youngest daughter.

When I go see her, she likes to take me around and do “girly stuff”.

I’m not real girly . . . much to her annoyance.

I hate shopping, too. Just to add insult to injury, in her estimation.

First, we went to lunch with her best friend, Jess, and got overly stuffed on lamb sliders and deep-fried carrots. And other stuff . . .

Being too sluggish after that to protest any further things she wanted me to do, I rolled myself back into the passenger seat of her car, and she took me to a salon, where she made me get my hair cut and colored.

I say made me, because I picked a color, and she immediately picked another color, and made the girl use that one.

Then I picked a length, which she promptly overrode, and in a whispered conversation with the beautician, I ended up getting 6 inches cut off and a color that cannot possibly be found in nature.

I’ll be staying on the farm for awhile . . .

That wasn’t the end of it, either.

Next we went to a nail salon.

I have no fingernails.

I’m a ranch wife and a quilter.

Spending any time on a manicure for myself would be a totally futile waste of money.

But she didn’t take me there for a manicure.

She wanted me to get a pedicure.

I’ve never had one before.

I wear cowboy boots ALL the time.

I wear socks even more than that.

The only time I’m without socks is if I’m in the shower.

I’m not a barefoot or sandals kinda gal.

Who’s gonna see a pedicure on me?

But here’s the hysterical part . . .

While we were in the hair salon, she showed me a video of Anjelah Johnson’s comedy skit about the nail salon.

If you haven’t seen it, you really must.

Click HERE to do that.

You’ll laugh.

And we got pedicures.

And I’m NOT kidding one iota when I tell you that it was EXACTLY like the skit!

It was worth it just for the laughs.

And since my feet will not see the light of day again for awhile, I feel compelled to show you my toes, just so there’s actually proof that I DID do it, even if only this one time.

Afterwards, we bought some groceries, took them home, Jess came over, and my daughter cooked us dinner and dessert and we all watched movies till really late. Great girly time. (And I didn’t have to go shopping!)

And My Cowboy called them fancy . . . and was kind enough to not make any cracks about my hair. Then said, “Gitcher boots on, we got a calf to chase and a barn door to fix before it storms.” Back to my real life . . .

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  1. LOL! Oh girl! That would SO be me! Glad you got to spend a fun weekend with your daughter! My only daughter doesn’t have a girly bone in her body so I think I’ll be able to dodge the pedicure/manicure. I’ll bet your hair looks nice. Its good to shake things up a bit! LOL! I had to laugh at what your cowboy said. Sounds only too familiar! Thanks for the chuckle this afternoon!

  2. I’m supposed to get my first pedicure, next month….

    And I’m like you… don’t usually wear sandals! *grin*

    And I LOVED that video!!!!!

    Tks for sharing!!!


  3. You have pretty feet. All that keeping them covered has kept them in good shape.

  4. Ah, yes, back to real life. But what great memories to cherish!

  5. I want to see your hair! I’ll bet it looks great. You have got to post a picture!

  6. I loved your post. It is too funny. I have two weaknesses. I love pedicures and facials. I had never had either until two years ago and now I am hooked. But with hubby unemployed both are luxuries I don’t get lately. I bet you look and feel great!

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