The Fog is Lifting

• I’ve been felled by a migraine this week

• Migraines put me in clumsy mode

• I dropped my razor on my foot and cut my toe

• Then I smashed my fingers in the bathroom door

• I ran my arm into the door jamb and bruised it

• I’ve got a scratch on my other arm and no idea how it got there

• I drop almost everything I pick up

• And spill everything I try to eat or drink

• I’m almost afraid to leave the house!

• Or pick up my rotary cutter . . .

• But it’ll pass, and in the meantime, I’ve got some reminders for you.

• The Necktie Social Crazy Quilt Block Contest is still going on. You’ve still got plenty of time to enter. There will be prizes! Prizes are good . . .

• I made a few minor updates to my web site. Many more are in order, but that takes time, and you know how I operate.

• Those updates include an April special in the shop, and a new recipe in The Prairie Moon Ranch Cookbook.

• I’ve got several other announcements up my sleeve to let you in on later, so keep checking back.

• Clumsy or not, I’m still working!

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  1. Oh dear…Perhaps we should put you in a dim padded room until you’re up to snuff. I feel for you, get better soon.

  2. My brain does the clumsy stuff when I’m experiencing allergic reactions or getting an infection. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Be careful! Take care of yourself. We don’t mind waiting to keep you in one piece.

  4. migraines visit me too…..ugh! Hope it leaves you soon!

  5. Ya know…. if you hadn’t mentioned your migraine at the very beginning and just talked about all the “accidents” you’ve been having, I would have, for a nano second, considered calling the police….

    A lot of wives out there, unfortunately, are prone to “accidents”…. if you know what I mean.

    (sorry.. couldn’t help but tease a bit…)

    Seriously, I’m hoping that you’re nasty ole migraine moves away and that you’re back to your same self… (note I didn’t say “old” self?!??!)


    Still love reading your blog, my friend!

    *headin’ off to bed!*

  6. Sorry to hear you are still having those. Saying a prayer that the migraine fog will lift soon!

  7. Hope you are feeling better now since I am coming in on this late!

    Or maybe, you helped Skeeter empty those cans to kill the pain? That would account for some accidents you know……

    Seriously, hope you are better!

  8. Oh, I hate migraines. I am so sorry. They really suck. I hope you feel better soon.

    I ran into a door knob the other day and bruised my arm. I am always doing that! What’s my excuse? I’m clumsy all the time!

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