Salmon and Mules

My Cowboy took off last week and left me to “man” the ranch alone.

If you recall, I was in clumsy mode most of last week, so he was really taking his chances!

He stopped to pick up a couple friends in Iowa, and they drove up into and through Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and ended up in Salmon, Idaho, for their famous 12th Annual Mule Sale.

They took their time getting there, and did some riding and sightseeing along the way. They visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

They rode in the mountains during snow and rain.

They camped in various places along the way (which made me glad I stayed home, because it was COLD!).

They took three mules to the sale. And made quite an impression with them, I guess.

Rosalie became the highest-selling mule of all time at this year’s sale! They also had the 3rd highest selling mule, and they cleaned house during the obstacle course competition.  They made lots of new friends, and came home with jackets and buckles and prize money, and big dreams about what they’ll be taking to next year’s sale.

Obviously, I don’t have any pictures of all that, because I wasn’t along, but . . .

As is customary when I stay home without My Cowboy, he brought me presents, and I do have pictures of those. I got this darling little purse. It’s a Dickie’s, and it’s reversible!

I also got a rain slicker to wear while riding my horse that will not only keep me dry, but my saddle as well. As if I go riding in the rain a lot . . . but there actually have been times I’ve needed one and not had it. So it’ll be handy.

And I don’t know where he found it, but he brought me this handmade piece of hucking. I love the colors. I’ll show you later what I intend to do with it. Yes, I already have an idea . . .

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  1. Every woman needs a good rain slicker. Having rain slide down to the saddle seat is very uncomfortable.

  2. Love that hucking! I have a great slicker, too. Those are awesome. I’m so jealous where he got to go riding. We’ve been riding in the Big Horns. Beautiful. Miss it.

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