My Cowboy and I saddled up the other day and rode some of our fencelines. Naturally, we found some things to fix. Somehow the wires on the gate between us and the neighbors had been mysteriously cut. Hmmm . . . Thankfully, none of the livestock had discovered the gap just yet.

Notice I’m using the term “we” in the above paragraph very loosely, as you can see that My Cowboy is the one actually fixing the gate. I’m still a-horseback, snapping pictures and patiently waiting . . . as is my usual style of helping. I’m not sure why he keeps me around . . .


Almost (but not quite) two years ago, I posted this: Iron Woes. Last week, I had to go buy another new iron, as the one I bought then finally kicked the bucket. It lasted me 20 months.

I purchased another iron almost identical to it. Why? Because I really liked that iron, and it DID last me 20 months. I’m hard on my iron. It’s on nearly all day every day, so it’s no wonder they give up on me.

This new one has one additional feature that I really like that the other did not have: a retractable cord. Makes it much easier to haul along to workshops and classes and retreats. It’s a Sunbeam Steam Master, in case you’re wondering . . .


Don’t forget to order your free kit and get in on the Necktie Social Crazy Quilt Block Contest. I’ve sent packets to places all over the world. I’m really excited for the entries to start coming back in. You’ve still got plenty of time . . . Did I mention there are prizes?


The other day, I made THESE. Mmmm . . . very, very good.


I’m fixin’ to get ready to announce another Quilt-Along type project over on my other blog. I’ll probably wait till I get back from the AQS Show in Paducah to actually start it, so I’ll be around to take care of any issues that might arise. Here’s a sneak peek of the fabrics I’m using in my sample:

This project has both piecing and applique, but it’s still really easy, and I’ll be offering lots of help along the way, just in case you need it.


My talk with Skeeter had no effect.

It was like talking to a brick wall. Kids!

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  1. Do they have AA for dogs? LOL

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time spent with your Cowboy, even if it was work.
    I was thinking that the next iron I get will have that retractable cord. Good to know you like it.
    I’m so glad you’re doing another quilt-along! Love your fabrics! Good timing too b/c I’m sewing on the binding of my Hazel quilt today; woohoo! Almost done and I love it! Thank you for hosting it.

  3. Looks like Skeeter might have a problem after all… 🙂

    I’ve been looking at my necktie kit. Does that count? I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t started it yet. Next week!

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