The Grand March

There were high school proms all over our area last night. But there was one in particular that I was interested in . . .

The one at the high school that my cousin’s daughter, Tiana, attends. She just turned 18 the day before the prom. She’ll graduate from high school May 15.

Her parents, her sister, her grandmothers, and a bunch of cousins, me included, all went to watch her in the Grand March with her date, Seth.

She looked so beautiful. Her dress was gorgeous. As they paraded around the auditorium, her father lamented, “I paid for that dress.” I said: “Yeh, and it really made her happy; and just think — you won’t have to attend another Grand March until your grandkids are seniors in high school.” I’m not sure that helped him any.

Here she is with her best friend, Alex.

They didn’t do Prom like this when I was that age. Thank goodness there was no such thing as a Grand March for us. I couldn’t have done it . . .

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  1. What an attractive girl, and what an unusual dress! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So, curious readers want to know what a “Grand March” is. I’m envisioning something like what I saw in my Mom’s yearbooks, everyone parading around and then ending up all lined up for a great picture. – but what do I know. I didn’t go to Prom.

  3. We had Grand March, but it was nothing like this for us. I remember my Gunnie Sax dress…all frills and poofs. Nothing as sexy as the girls get to wear these days!

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