LIVE2011 May Update

Time for my monthly LIVE2011 update . . . yes, already . . .

1. Faithfully keep a daily diary

Still haven’t missed a day. I’m pretty certain that mine is nowhere near as funny as my mother’s. For example:

My mother’s entry for April 30, 1952:

This darn old party was a big flop. Ann is staying with me. Mom went, too, and she says I can’t go anymore & I don’t want to after tonite. I’m so mad I could die. We ran around all over country.

My entry for April 26, 2011:

Took David and his father-in-law to Clark today so they could do business. Took most of the day. I didn’t get home till almost 8:00.

See? I guess I live an ever-so-slightly more boring life than she did.

2. Finish 100 (quilting or sewing-related) projects this year

I have 8 finished projects now. I’ve got several more really close to finished. I’ll show them to you one of these days. I haven’t had time to take the pictures yet. Maybe by next month’s report, I’ll be all caught up, ya think?

3. Get my studio whipped into shape (be more organized)

No more progress on this, unless you count staring at the mess as progress. The piles seem to move around, but they never go away. Ugh!

4. Make major improvements to the ranch shack

I have picked my next project, and will be reporting on it soon. I can’t report on it right now, because I haven’t started it yet, but that’s just a minor detail.

5. Ride my horse more

I’ve wanted to ride, but I haven’t wanted to ride. We’ve had some nice days, and I’ve had plenty of chances, I just haven’t taken them. I will, tho. The weather’s getting nicer every day.

6. Pay more attention to my health

Still avoiding fast food. Still having trouble with the no sugar thing sometimes. With the weather warming up, I won’t find it so hard to drink water and I’ll cut back on coffee, so those are both good things.

I’ve been more active now that the weather’s nicer, but I still can’t bring myself to start a formal exercise routine. What is wrong with me?

7. Establish some routines (personal and work-related)

I had a discussion with My Cowboy over my work habits. You know how they say you’re supposed to evaluate whether you’re a morning person or a night person and go with that? Seems I’m a night person, so I’ve been catering to that, and I have actually been WAY more productive since giving in and just going with it. Who says you have to work 8 to 5? Especially if you work for yourself? Duh!

8. Decrease my fabric stash

I’ve passed the 30-yards used mark, and am on my way to the 50-yards used mark. Does that mean I have way more room in my studio now? Or that I’m more organized? NO, it does not . . .

9. Decrease my number of UFOs

Another 2 scratched off the list. Still haven’t taken that inventory. I’m just hoping that if I really DO finish 100 things this year, that’ll just automagically mean I have no more UFOs. Shouldn’t that be the way it works? I’m going with it for now . . .

10. Get back to work on competition quilting

Still NO progress on this one yet. Because I haven’t done any organizing to the studio, I still haven’t set up a place to work on this. I DID think about it some, tho. I don’t suppose that counts?

11. Cultivate my creativity

I’ve filled several more pages of my sketchbooks and made lots more doodles. I even sat down and went into more detail on some of my ideas. That felt like an accomplishment. I’ve been spending more time outside, and trying to pay more attention to my surroundings for ideas. Which means I walk around looking down or around, and not at where I’m going. I’m lucky I haven’t walked into a wall or a tree or something.

I’ve also been playing around with words and phrases as they relate to projects. Sometimes a project needs a name, sometimes a phrase sparks an idea for a project. You never know where inspiration will come from . . .

So there you have it . . . this month’s update. Seems I can work on some of the 11 every month, but some seem to fall by the wayside. Sometimes it sounds like I’m just making excuses as to why I’m not working on some of them. I guess I need to take stock of the ones I’m not making so much progress on and concentrate on those for a while, huh?

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  1. Hi there!

    Watch this:

    This will help you with your daily journal. *s*

    Drinking water is a habit. I used to think that water was BORRRRR-RRRRING *rolling her eyes and making a face*

    But, I got into the habit of drinking ICED water, after supper and when we’re watching TV. I wouldn’t go without it, now! *grin*

    Now, most times at a restaurant, I asked for iced water.

    Hope these 2 things help…



  2. I just re-read the diary entries.

    Your Mom wrote down her “feelings”. You just wrote about the “actions” of that day.

    Were you bored from being out all day? Did you wish you were at home, quilting or riding horse, or, or???

    Was it a hot day and you were sweating up a hog… wishin’ you could roll around in a mud bath?!?? LOL

    BTW, before you think I’m being a meanie, I just LOVE your blog. Just trying to help, that’s all. *VBG*


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