Better Late Than Never

The QQB met again last week for the first time since December! We’ve sworn never to wait that long before getting together again. Marge had a good excuse, since she was in Arizona for the winter, and the rest of us just used the excuse that we couldn’t meet without her.

But Marge is back, and we all found an agreeable night, and meet we did!

I had been sick all week, so I had the token headache, and sat like a vegetable in my chair. Didn’t even work on the binding on the quilt I took along to work on. It also explains why most of my pictures are crappy . . . oh, wait . . . no it doesn’t. I’m a crappy photographer even when I’m not sick!

But I’ll still show you what we did.

Katy does HARD stuff, and she had finished up a few of them. Here she is with her Circuit Rider top finished. She’s expecting me to quilt it. No pressure, huh?

And she did this basket quilt from some fabrics she bought on one of our excursions:

Ask me if I’ve used the fabric I bought on the same excursion yet. No, wait, on second thought, don’t ask me . . .

Marge showed her QQB Pinwheel Challenge quilt:

And this lovely Southern Ladies quilt:

There is so much work in these blocks, and her quilter did a wonderful job on it. I wish I had a good picture of the corner blocks in the borders to show you the quilting. It’s very nice. This will be one of Marge’s heirloom quilts, no doubt.

Then it was Rose Marie’s turn. Apparently, she’s the only one of us who really quilted this winter. It was a non-stop show. I checked the driveway to see what vehicle she used to haul all this to the meeting! I expected to see a U-Haul.

Her QQB Pinwheel Challenge quilt:

We’re all done with that challenge now. On to the next one . . .

She finished the top of her Bees, Blooms, & Butterflies quilt:

She also has the top of her Hazel’s Diary quilt finished:

Oh, fiddlesticks . . . there are too many . . . here’s the rest of them . . . If you click on them, you can see them larger. If you want to know more about any of them, leave a comment and I’ll either tell you or ask Rose Marie and get more information. I didn’t write down the names of all of them as she showed them. There were too many!

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  1. I really like Rose Marie’s Hazel’s Diary quilt- beautiful!

  2. Another beautiful Hazel’s Diary–oh, wait, there haven’t been any other kind.

  3. Wow! Rose Marie was a busy gal! I really love those pinwheel quilts! Pinwheels are about my fave!

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