Spur Of The Moment

Once again last week, My Cowboy left me at home to man the ranch while he hauled horses to a sale in Wyoming. While I could have gone along, I wanted to go to the Machine Quilter’s Showcase more, so I stayed home.

Naturally, as soon as he left, YingYang spouted out a calf; but she didn’t have one bit of trouble, and momma and baby are doing fine.

Then it came up a HUGE thunderstorm, but I was with my quilting group, so I didn’t have to cower in the bathroom with the cats just because he was gone.

Other than me not feeling well, the rest of the weekend went fine, and I was busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but more on that later . . .

My Cowboy got home Sunday morning, and as usual, he brought me a gift. I got a new lanyard to use for my scissors when I’m quilting. He said my old black one with the rag tied on just wasn’t classy enough, and this new red Cornhuskers one should help me with that. What do you think?

He also announced upon his arrival back home that he was going to bed to sleep all day, and leaving again that night for yet another whirlwind hauling trip. And did I want to go along?

Seeing as how it was “whirlwind”, which meant we wouldn’t be gone too long and wouldn’t have to find someone else to do chores, I said yes.

We left late Sunday night for Lorraine, Kansas.

This is what we went to get:

It’s a head gate/working chute for cattle. The fanciest you can get. It has hydraulics and all sorts of wonderful time- and work-saving features. Wish it was ours!

They loaded it onto the trailer at the factory with a forklift. The guy strapped it down with 3 tie-downs and said: “I think it’ll ride just fine.” We looked at each other, and I could tell we were both thinking: “Yeah, right.” Six hours on the highway with 3 little straps? I think not.

Aside from it being heavy, it was also top-heavy, so we crept into the nearest town to try to find a lumberyard so we could make darn sure it was gonna “ride just fine”.

We stopped the first guy we saw and asked directions to the lumberyard. Let me just say right now that everyone at the lumberyard in Ellsworth, Kansas, was exceptionally nice and helpful and friendly, and we really appreciated the time and attention and help they gave us.

They cut 2x4s to brace it with, and we bought more tie straps and got it all strapped down to where it couldn’t move if it wanted to. While we were working on it, (and again I use the term “we” very loosely because I was running around looking at paint chips, using the bathroom, talking on my cell phone, and taking pictures) the same guy we had asked directions from showed up. I guess he was so curious, he came around to see what we were up to!

But he jumped right in and helped us out, yet another testament to the friendliness of the folks in Ellsworth, Kansas. I was impressed.

The extra straps and bracing sure made us feel better about getting back on the road, and off we went. And we made it home just fine.

And, although some of My Cowboy’s quotes aren’t anything I can repeat in polite company, I’ll leave you with a few of the more notable quotes from our road trip conversations:

“By the way, I now live in Montana . . .”

“Evidently, havin’ a navigator along ain’t helpin’ . . .”

“So . . . Is a Charolais-Brahman cross called a ‘Charmin’?” . . . “Uh . . . NO.”

“Your memory reboots every couple of hours, doesn’t it?”

“Whaddaya mean ‘it could be’? You’re the one givin’ ME the English lesson!”

“Good thinkin’ . . . How’d we end up in Minnesota?”

“You just kinda wake up in your own little world, dontcha?”

“The people on that team now can’t even run to the toilet, so braggin’ on em ain’t doin’ no good.”

“Look at those White Angus!”

“I gotta stretch out here . . . and make sure nobody wants my skunk.”

Kinda makes you wish you were along, don’t it?

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  1. Charmin? LOVE IT! White Angus?
    Sounds EXACTLY like some of our trips. I get all of it too…have you heard “wish I didn’t have anything to worry about either” ?…or “don’t worry your pretty-little head about it”. He fixes his own supper those days.

  2. That’s all just great. Um, where are the polite company around here? I don’t see any! LOL. I love your new lanyard. Too bad it says “Cornhuskers.” We native Iowans don’t really dig the Cornhuskers. LOL.

  3. You both had my rolling on this one! White Angus…..Charmin….memory rebootin’ every few hours (sounds like my memory!)…..

    I also wouldn’t have trusted the beautiful head gate to a couple of flimsy little straps! What a gorgeous piece of equipment (and anyone who has worked cattle with quite a bit less than that would agree! LOL).

    What a gorgeous little baby calf. Momma and baby all look healthy!

    Hope you have recovered from your travels!

  4. Love the quotes LOL Have a good week

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